Essential Moving Equipment Rental for Any Move

Moving to a place like Oakland, San Jose or San Francisco should have you pretty excited. However, the move itself may have you losing sleep. No one likes moving, but it’s essential to leaving one home and getting to a new one. Thankfully, these days, there is all kinds of moving equipment rental you can use to make your move much easier. Before you get started, consider how the below equipment could help in a big way.

Moving Boxes

Every move requires moving boxes. In the past, though, this usually meant tracking down enough moving boxes made from cardboard for the job. Whether you drive around town to find enough or order them from a manufacturer, you’ll either be wasting a lot of time, spending a lot of money or both. None of these are ideal when you have a move coming up. Instead, use moving boxes from Boxbee. These boxes, sometimes called moving totes, are made from heavy-duty plastic, so they’re perfect for the wear and tear that comes with any move. Boxbee will even bring them to your current address, saving you all kinds of time. They then come pick the boxes up when you’re done. Both of these services are absolutely free.

Moving Dollies and Hand Trucks

Even with the right moving boxes, you may have a lot of things that need to get moved. Fortunately, Boxbee can help out there too. One instrument they have is a simple moving dolly. It’s basically a flat, plastic platform with wheels. It’s the perfect shape to stack moving totes on top of. This way, you can get them from your moving truck or car to your home in half the time and without putting undue strain on your back. Of course, some of your boxes may be especially heavy. The way to move those boxes, then, is with a hand truck. Boxbee has these for rent too. Theirs are made from lightweight aluminum, yet can hold up to 500 pounds at once. They are also great for moving lots of boxes upstairs at the same time.

Lifting Straps

Even with something as helpful as high-quality plastic boxes, you won’t be able to move everything in your home. Some items simply won’t fit. A lot of those things will probably be rather heavy as well. You could pay to have a professional moving service handle that job of course. However, if you have moving straps, there’s a good chance you and one other person can handle it. These straps go around each forearm, under the item and then under the forearms of your partner. Lifting this way makes better use of more muscles and doesn’t put your back at risk, like bending over to pick the item up would. On top of that, you still have your hands free, so you can easily guide the item upstairs and through doorways.

Your Friends

While you probably don’t want to refer to them as equipment, per se, your friends can be one of the most important parts of an easy move. Hiring professionals can be expensive. Many people don’t like the idea of strangers handling their valuables either. With enough friends and family members, though, you can probably get all your things moved and all it will cost you is some food and refreshments. Just plan early so your friends aren’t moving or packing things you could handle on your own and to ensure they set the date aside. While quality moving boxes can make a big difference, the other items mentioned above will also go a long way toward getting your move over with as soon and pain-free as possible so that you can arrive in Oakland, San Francisco or San Jose as soon as possible. Source: Moving Boxes