Frequently Asked Questions

What if I return the Boxbee crates early, can I get a discount? How do I pay? What if I don’t use all of my boxes, can I get reimbursed? Do you have a cancellation fee? Do you charge me an hourly rate for the labor to pick up or deliver my items? Is there a charge for deliveries? What is the cost?

Can I use Boxbee crates if I want to hire a moving company? What are the crate dimensions? What Boxbee crates, boxes and moving supplies does Boxbee offer? What do the Boxbee crates, boxes, and moving supplies cost? Is there a weight limit for boxes and crates? What if I want to add more crates to my order after the first delivery?

How can I confirm my drop off and pickup times? What if my drop off or pick up address has stairs? Can you pick up the crates early if I’m done before my rental is up? Can my child/roommate/friend sign for my delivery? What if I don’t show up for a drop off or pickup? How should I prepare for my pick up? Can I access or drop off my items at your facility? What should I expect during my initial pick up? Do I need to be home for the drop off and pick up of the Boxbee crates? When can I get a pickup or delivery?

Do you donate unwanted items to charity? Can you support my long-distance move? Where is Boxbee available? Do you clean the plastic crates? Can you also move my stuff? Should I tip my driver? Will you pack for me?

How early should I order my crates before my move? How do I cancel my order? How does plastic crate rental work?

How safe is your facility? Is your warehouse secure? Do you offer disposal or destruction of items that I no longer want to keep in storage? How do I know nobody is going through my boxes? Do you insure my items?

How does the storage process work? What can I store? When/ how do I get charged for storage? Is there a minimum storage term?

Why does the driver’s vehicle say “Corodata”?