Books in a cardboard box

How to Pack a Moving Box

Moving is an exciting time in one’s life. You’re bidding farewell to a place that holds many beautiful memories—whether that’s an apartment, house or office. But you’re also looking forward to new beginnings. Your next location represents the unknown, and that’s exciting! Anything is possible. In the middle all of this excitement though lies something we like to call packing anxiety. It stems from the overwhelming thought of having to pack all of your belongings and move them. We’ve talked about about how to get organized for a move, wrap your valuables, and even play the what should I keep and toss game. Now it’s time to discuss something really fun: how to pack a moving box for valet storage.

Step #1: Group Items by Use & Fragility

The first step is to group your items by what they’re used for, and their level of fragility. For example, all glass cups from the kitchen should be grouped together. This is really helpful when you get to the part where you have to label the box.

Step #2: Fill Your Box With Packing Peanuts or Wrap Items

Once your items are organized for each box, you need to either wrap them or fill the box with packing peanuts. This ensures that they’ll arrive safely at their destination.

Step #3: Place Heaviest Items on The Bottom

When you have a box full of items that vary in weight, it’s important to put the heaviest ones on the bottom. Then put the lighter ones on the top.

Step #4: Fill Your Box Up to 30 LBS

It’s important to be mindful when you’re packing your box. Be mindful that you don’t put too much in each one. You want to be able to lift it without hurting yourself!

Step #5: Close, Seal & Label Moving Box

Finally, finish the deal. Close the box, tape it up (if it’s a cardboard one), and label it. There you have it: five easy steps to pack a moving box. Now, if you’d like to make your life a little bit easier and skip using traditional moving boxes, consider using our plastic bins for your next move. You’ll get straight to packing and reduce the time it takes to place your things into a box.