Why You’ll Love Living in Oakland

If you’re moving for a job in San Francisco, you should really consider living in Oakland. While San Francisco largely gets all the credit, Oakland brings plenty to the table too and is a major reason the Bay Area has such an enviable reputation. Like many people who aren’t from Northern California, though, you may not be overly familiar with Oakland, so the following are some reasons other people absolutely adore calling the city home.

Finding and Paying for a Place Is Easier

Everyone knows that rent in San Francisco is absurdly high. As the city is only about 47 square miles, there aren’t very many places to live. The places that are available are nearly impossible to lock down and, if you’re lucky enough to get one, they cost an astronomical sum.

This is one of many reasons living in Oakland has become so popular over the last 10 years. The city is only six miles from San Francisco, yet is 78 square miles in size, meaning you’ll have a much easier time finding and paying for a place to live. For a lot of people, residing in Oakland is what allows them to live on their own, as opposed to needing a roommate.

Better Weather

As we said, Oakland is just six miles away from San Francisco. However, the fact that it’s six miles east makes all the difference. This part of the Bay Area is much warmer, to begin with, for one thing. More importantly, pulling away from the ocean means that living in Oakland doesn’t force residents to constantly be on the ready for an invasion of fog.

In San Francisco, fog descends on almost a regular basis during the summer, plunging the temperature with it. Living there practically necessitates that you walk around with a hoody or light jacket to be on the safe side.

Easier Transportation

Many people living in Oakland don’t have a car. For long distance travel, they take a bus or plane. To get over to San Francisco, they use BART or some other form of public transportation.

If you do insist on having a car though, Oakland will make it easier compared to living in San Francisco or other large cities. With a population a little over 400,000, you can expect that getting around downtown Oakland will sometimes involve a bottleneck or two, especially during rush hour.

That being said, it’s far easier than getting around other urban landscapes and, best of all, you’ll generally have an easy time finding parking. On Sundays, the meters are even free.

Lake Merritt

There are many breathtaking views in Oakland. The new Bay Bridge is a great place to take them in and a beautiful view in and of itself. However, one of the best locations to visit is the unique Lake Merritt.

This natural retreat is actually a lagoon, but still offers visitors over 150 acres of water. The shoreline just recently received a facelift, making Lake Merritt more beautiful than ever. Many living in Oakland visit Lake Merritt for simple strolls, to go swimming, rent watercraft or dine with a gorgeous backdrop. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of Oakie, a.k.a., the lagoon’s alleged “Oak Ness Monster.”

Children’s Fairyland

Living in Oakland is great for raising kids. There are a number of great schools in the area, for one thing. However, living in Oakland also means you have a quick trip to Children’s fairyland. This theme park is focused 100% on children and does not disappoint as a fun attraction your children will love.

These are just some of the reasons Oakland makes such a great place to live. Considering how many national magazines have put the city on top 10 lists, it’s clear there are countless more.