Oakland Moving Checklist

Your Pre-Moving Checklist: Move Stress-Free

  • While moving to San Francisco comes with the promise of a new home and a great city, there’s no doubt it also means a lot of work too. Aside from all the hours you need to put into finding the right neighborhood, then the right home, then getting financing, etc. you now need make it through the actual move itself. Before the actual move can begin, you should have the following pre-moving checklist on hand.

    A Month Out

    With 30 days before you permanently change your address, it’s time to start cleaning. Part of this process will probably involve realizing what things won’t be coming with you to the new home. Be as ruthless as you can here because the less you take with you, the more space you’ll have at the next home to enjoy. Furthermore, getting rid of things you weren’t using can mean throwing a garage sale and largely offsetting a lot of your other moving costs, potentially. Although you’ll definitely need to keep some rooms “intact” like your master bedroom and bath, you can still get a jump start on your attic, garage and other rooms that don’t get as much use so they’re not slowing you down later on. If you think you’ll need a moving truck or any other extra help, for that matter, start arranging those things now. By planning a moving truck as far in advance as possible, you can pick a day when rates will be lowest. Run to the post office and get change of address cards. Other administrative issues may also include transferring school or health records. Change your address with magazines, insurance companies and any other relevant parties as well.

    One to Two Weeks Out

    It’s time to begin packing, at least those things you’ll handle on your own. Rent plastic moving boxes for this step as they’re affordable, far more environmentally friendly, and even easier to use. Make sure you label them as you go too. Schedule disconnects for your utilities and telephone if you use a landline. Arrange any refunds you may have coming to you too and get a date for connecting your new home. Cancel any other services you may be getting at your old home. This includes things like pest control, security, newspaper, cable or satellite TV, lawn maintenance, any type of deliveries, etc.

    The Week of the Move

    You can now mail in your change of address forms. If you had to do any paperwork for your cancellations, be sure these have been sent in. You’ll probably also want to check in with any friends or family members who volunteered to help, just to make sure they’re still willing to show up at the end of the week. Also, go ahead and clean the stove. Then just remember not to use it for the rest of the week. This shouldn’t be too hard though if you plan ahead. Start packing up everything else you may have needed out prior to this week. Prepare a bag of all the things you’ll need your first night in the new home, like toiletries, a change of clothes, and even snacks (you’ll definitely want your phone charger in there).

    The Day of the Move

    Finally, it’s the big day. Get an early start so you can clean out the refrigerator. Afterward, defrost and remember to dry it before you leave. Visit the ATM to make sure you have some cash for the day, as this will make future trips unnecessary when it may be inconvenient. That should be it. Say goodbye to your neighbors, make sure you have everything, and then enjoy moving on to your new house. Source: