Brute Box Acquisition

Press Release

Corodata Combines Brute Box and Brute Storage Under Boxbee

Introducing Boxbee, a Box Rental and Storage Company
San Jose, California November 4th, 2019. Corodata, a California based records storage company announced the return of Boxbee after ceasing operations in 2016. Building on Corodata’s expertise in secure records storage, Boxbee extends the same security, confidence, and convenience to an urban population in need of self-storage and facing increasing household clutter. Boxbee’s services have broadened, by acquiring Brute Box, a rental service for reusable moving bins. And Brute Storage, a valet storage provider. Boxbee addresses a need in California for temporary or long term storage of household items. With Boxbee, a customer can request pick-up or delivery of individual boxes as they’re needed and can have those boxes stored, tagged, and inventoried at a secure facility in their neighborhood. Those items are never far away but don’t have to be part of the day-to-day clutter. Boxbee Rent is perfect for storing books, off-season clothing, seasonal decoration, sporting equipment, and more. It’s something of a ‘mom’s attic’ for an urban population for whom space is at a premium. Boxbee Store offers a “walk-in delivery closet” approach will offer customers the flexibility to reclaim their cluttered homes into living spaces they will be pleased to spend time in. Boxbee promises all the convenience of an on-site storage option, plus fortified by the security solutions developed and perfected by Corodata. Corodata has developed policies and techniques to ensure security, even during pickup and delivery of items, to give their customers the confidence and peace of mind they can depend on. Boxbee expands on those services to include household goods, without compromising the security, utility, or efficiency. With local services throughout the Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego California, Boxbee is available to manage the local rental and storage needs of their customers.