Qualities to Look for in a Self Storage On-Demand Service

There is an on demand service in San Francisco for almost anything, including self storage. In the holy land of technology that is the San Francisco Bay Area, consumers have numerous on-demand options to choose from. But buyer beware, not all on-demand services are created equal. It seems like everybody and their mother is involved with some sort of startup lately, which means running a business doesn’t always come with business savvy behaviors and customer service experience. With some on-demand services, it’s okay to go through trial and error until you find the company that’s the right fit for your tastes and needs. Self-storage falls into a different category. You wouldn’t trust your valuables and expensive items with some random stranger on the street, and you shouldn’t trust them with some random on-demand self-storage company either. A good on-demand self-storage company will provide you with excellent service and peace of mind. Here are the top qualities to look for when choosing an on-demand self-storage service in San Francisco and the Bay Area:

1. Location

Before you scour the self-storage on-demand sites, make sure the ones you’re looking at are available in your area. Much like online dating, you don’t want to read through an entire profile and find a perfect match only to discover the service is nowhere near your location. Long-distance self-storage relationships don’t function so well or end up being unavailable altogether. Fortunately, there are companies like Boxbee that specifically serve San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and other locations in the Bay Area, which means you’ll get a local touch with their self-storage on-demand services from people who work and live in the community.

2. Security

Once you’ve discovered which on-demand self-storage services are available in your area, the number one quality to look for is security. Providing high-level security with on-demand self-storage requires four components:
  • Employees: Do the employees receive background checks and onsite training? Reputable self-storage on-demand employees will treat your stuff better than they treat their own. They will also have experience handling sensitive items and moving a variety of stuff. All employees, from drivers to movers to security guards, should follow a chain of custody protocol so that the on-demand self-storage company is always aware of who is handling your stuff and when.
  • Vehicles: Unlike traditional self-storage units, self-storage on-demand includes transportation. Choose a self-storage on-demand company that uses an up to date fleet of vehicles that are able to safely transport your stuff from point A to point B. This means that in addition to being up to date, vehicles should also contain the proper equipment for securing your stuff while in transit. Bonus points if the vehicles include GPS tracking.
  • Facility: Any self-storage facility should be fully secured against fire, burglary, and natural disasters. Boxbee uses superior security systems with 24-hour fire and burglary monitoring and video surveillance monitoring to ensure that all of the stuff stored in our warehouse is safe and secure at all times.
  • Online Security: You can be put at risk anytime your credit card and personal information are entered and stored online. On-demand services of all kinds require information like credit card number, name, and address in order to function as an on-demand service. Choose an on-demand self-storage company that guarantees the security of your online information. For instance, Boxbee uses Braintree Payments, a secure credit card processor owned by Paypal, and we guarantee that your credit card information is never stored or shared outside of our secure processing platform.

3. Affordability

Self-storage on-demand is becoming a competitive industry, which is great news for the consumer because it means you can shop around for the most affordable service. Keep in mind that cost is not everything; affordability won’t stack up to much if the on-demand self-storage service lacks in other qualities, such as security and convenience. What you want to look for is the best pricing for the quality of service offered. You can check out Boxbee’s affordable rate plans here. (We’ve got some of the best rates in town!) Certainly, using on-demand self-storage is much cheaper than traditional self-storage units. Lastly, you should never end up feeling like your stuff is being held for ransom; getting your stuff back should be as affordable as the self-storage rate plans. Always double-check to make sure that delivery prices are affordable and within your price point.

4. Convenience

People in the San Francisco Bay Area have a reputation for being busy. We’re go-getters, enthusiasts, the types of people who get stuff done. The main reason on-demand self-storage in San Francisco is so popular is because of its convenience. Rather than using your precious time renting a self storage unit, finding boxes, packing up your stuff, driving to the self storage unit, unloading, and driving back (what a hassle, right?) you can simply schedule the on-demand self-storage service from your phone or computer and let the service literally do all the heavy lifting for you. Since convenience is a high priority, look for a self-storage on-demand company that offers both crate and non-crate plans, so that you can store both small and larger items like furniture or exercise equipment. Also, choose a self-storage on demand service that provides easy online access to your inventory and convenient options for scheduling pickups and deliveries. Some companies, like Boxbee, will even provide moving crates for you, so you don’t need to waste time looking for moving boxes either.

5. Customer Service

A great self-storage on-demand service will include great customer service. Storing your stuff and uncluttering your life should be a positive experience at every level. Don’t be fooled by the “self” in on-demand self-storage, this type of self-storage service is very social. You’ll interact with the employees who pick up and deliver your stuff, as well as any customer service representatives you contact. A reputable on-demand self-storage service will make it their mission to provide you with personalized, friendly self storage on-demand experience. When choosing a company for storing your stuff, check review sites and references to see if the company excels at customer service, so that you know you’ll be treated right. Ready to get started with self storage on-demand in San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkeley? Contact Boxbee today and we’ll be happy to assist you!