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Need to rent moving boxes in San Francisco?

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Moving Boxes & Storage in the San Francisco Bay Area

740 National Court Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
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If you’re looking for moving boxes, San Francisco’s Boxbee location includes every service you need with convenient reusable plastic crates and on-demand self-storage units. You’ll never have to worry about finding or picking up moving boxes or supplies in the Bay Area again.

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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Rent Moving Boxes in San Francisco

We make figuring out where to get moving boxes in San Francisco easy. Simply decide how many boxes you need and schedule a date. Our team will deliver reusable plastic moving boxes that come with a lid and do not require tape. You pack them up and move everything over to your new location. When you’re ready, our team will pick up the empty boxes. Each package includes at least one moving dolly and packaging labels. And the moving box delivery and pick-up fee are included in the package price.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business preparing for a new location or living situation, moving box rental in San Francisco has never been easier or more efficient. Rent your moving boxes today!

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Boxbee Crates  


Multi-Purpose Moving Crates

Strong and Stackable

Complete with lockable lids to keep contents secure and dust free.


Ideal for securely storing or moving office and personal items.


Plastic boxes are barcoded, making it easy to identify contents.

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Crates For Every Situation

Our Boxbee moving boxes are versatile and durable, perfect for storing items such as clothes, sports gear, photo albums, wills, tax documents, books, and more!!

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Need More Information?

It’s no secret packing supplies in San Francisco and the Bay Area can be expensive, while also contributing to unnecessary waste. Instead of spending money on cardboard boxes and tape which may end up in the trash —  even if you intend to recycle —  renting durable reusable packing boxes in San Francisco eliminates both the cost of purchasing boxes as well as the trash they create.

What’s more, cardboard tends to bend, leaving your items at risk for damage. Reusable packing boxes are much more durable and strong —  protecting your precious items and valuable possessions. 

Our plastic moving boxes do not require assembly or tape, they come with a lid for seamless packing. Just load up, stack, and you’re on your way. It’s perfect for saving a little extra money, time, and stress, creating an all-around better moving experience. Rent moving boxes in San Francisco with Boxbee!

Self Storage in San Francisco

Interested in self-storage in San Francisco? We provide an easy, on-demand self-storage service that includes pick-up and delivery. 

The process is simple. We deliver empty plastic crates to your door. You fill them up with items you’d like to store. We pick the boxes up from your location and transport them to our secure storage facilities in San Francisco that are monitored 24/7. When you’d like your stuff back, simply schedule a delivery time online. 

What’s more, we also provide an online inventory management tool so you never have to worry about loss or disorganization. Just log on to view your items! Book your storage container rental for San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

Our Storage Units in San Francisco

When it comes to moving and storage, we take security seriously. We know the risks of moving and transporting your belongings and sensitive materials and uphold high safety and reliability standards.

Each of our warehouses applies strict protection measures, including restricted access, 24/7 surveillance, and trained employees who have to pass rigorous background checks. All of our fleet vehicles use GPS and monitoring systems to enforce a complete, detailed chain of custody. Our daily duty processes like pick-up and delivery focused on consistent safety practices. We keep your belongings safe, from the moment they’re in our hands, right until they’re back with you. Rest assured and rent your moving supplies or storage units in San Francisco through Boxbee!


740 National Ct, Richmond, CA 94804

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740 National Ct, Richmond, CA 94804

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