Storage Options for Your Everyday Stuff in SF

San Francisco is a transient city; people are coming and going as quickly as the latest app updates. Whether it’s due to traveling, moving to the city for the first time, or moving to a new neighborhood, San Franciscans are seeing an increasing need to store their stuff. Renters especially face tough competition for finding housing in San Francisco, with many people even bunking up dorm room style.

The price tag can be high for this transient, nomadic, but exciting lifestyle and one of the costs is letting go of your everyday stuff. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. With the many types of storage options in San Francisco, you can have your stuff and keep it, too. The price tag for San Francisco storage options is actually quite small and will save you the hassle and cost of purchasing new stuff later on.

On Demand Storage in San Francisco

The latest and greatest in San Francisco storage options is on-demand storage. Joining the likes of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Munchery, Soothe, and Hello Fresh, on-demand storage is a type of on-demand service that reduces the amount of time you spend on an everyday task. In this case, storage for your stuff.

With other San Francisco storage options, you are required to accumulate boxes, create or travel to storage space, and organize everything yourself. With on demand storage, you simply book online or from your phone, and all the necessary materials come to you, without you even having to leave the house. Click here to see on demand storage services from Brute Storage.

Another big benefit to on-demand storage is that your stuff will be handled by moving and storage experts and stored in secure facilities. You can conveniently access the inventory of your stuff online and can request any of it to be delivered back to you within a short period of time. When it comes to storing your stuff in San Francisco, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

San Francisco Storage Units

Before on-demand storage came along, self-storage was the more common option for storing your stuff in San Francisco. San Francisco storage units first gained popularity at the beginning of the 20th Century, when the Bekins Company built the first reinforced steel and concrete warehouses in Los Angeles. This type of storage option is still going strong, especially with the consistencies of accumulating stuff in our consumer-based economy.

The gist of self-storage is renting a unit from a self-storage company where you can store almost any kind of stuff. Sizes for storage units range in size, and you typically have the self-storage unit all to yourself. This option can be convenient if you are an expert at moving, have a car or truck, and have the time to drive out to the storage unit to unload and pick up your stuff. It’s also a decent option if you have a lot of stuff to store.

But using a self-storage unit doesn’t make sense if you only want to store a few items. In a city like San Francisco where it’s common to not own a car, transportation can be quite the conundrum, too. Despite being the most popular type of storage, if you are pressed for time, don’t have transportation, and don’t need to store your entire apartment, self-storage might not be the best storage option for you. Look into on-demand storage options instead.

Home Storage

It’s true that many San Francisco residents are moving into smaller and smaller dwelling spaces, but this is not the case for everyone. If you’re fortunate enough to have space in your home, then take advantage of your situation and create home storage options for your stuff.

The key to creating efficient home storage is to make sure it doesn’t take away from the amount of usable space in your home. In other words, look for spaces that you’re not currently using. For example. rolling drawers tucked into the empty spaces under couches and beds is a home storage option that makes your stuff easily accessible. Other convenient ideas include storage cubes that double as stools, adding more shelves, and creating closet space underneath stairs.

If you feel like your home is still full of clutter after you’ve reached the capacity of your home storage options, on-demand storage is a great service for you. Storage packages can be as small as storing a single moving crate, and you can always swap out your stuff with other stuff if you feel like changing things up once in a while.

Outdoor Storage

While outdoor yard space is hard to come by in San Francisco, it does exist. If you have space, utilize it for outdoor storage options. Outdoor storage, in reality, is part indoor/part outdoor storage in the form of sheds, garages, and weather proof crates.

The main issue people face with outdoor storage is ensuring that the storage space is able to withstand the elements. This is especially the case in San Francisco where it is often wet and foggy, even during the four year drought. So the main priority is making your outdoor storage space weather proof.

Even if you succeed in creating outdoor storage spaces that will hold up against the San Francisco weather, it is still not advised to store anything valuable that could be damaged if not kept in a climate controlled environment. Items such as books, paintings, works of art, and documents are best kept stored indoors or in climate controlled facilities.

Boxbee Storage facilities are climate controlled and are also secured with video surveillance and monitored 24/7 for burglaries and fires. Looking for secure San Francisco storage options? Contact us today!
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