Moving green in San Jose

If you have an upcoming move to San Jose in the near future, you should be plenty excited about your new home. The city is as picturesque as they come and the people here are renowned for how friendly and welcoming they are. Like a lot of people, you may be environmentally conscious, which means you probably cringe when you think about what a move entails. Fortunately, it’s possible to be moving green in San Jose.

Use Boxbee Boxes

There’s no way to move using cardboard boxes and still respecting the environment. Once you’re done, what happens to them? You can try to recycle them, but 100% of the material won’t get re-used. Plenty of your boxes may be damaged too beyond the point that a recycling center will take them.

At Boxbee Boxes, we’re proud of the fact that you can use our high-quality plastic moving totes and keep to your green standards. Our totes are reusable—we rent them out—so you don’t have to worry that your move to San Jose means more raw materials are going to be needed so others can do the same.

It’s also worth mentioning that your values don’t have to cost you. Not only are our moving totes more affordable (going green can save you green with us), they’re more durable and far easier to use. Pickup and delivery services are both free as well.

Use Geami Packing Wrap

You probably have a number of possessions that will need to be protected for the move ahead. Even though our totes are durable on the outside, you don’t want your items smashing around inside.

In the past, you may have had to use packing paper and bubble wrap. These two items work well, but for a truly green option, we have just the thing.

Geami packing wrap is about as green as it gets. Not only will it protect your valuables, but it’s 100% recyclable. Again, you can also save a ton of money by using it because we’ll give you 150 feet for just $29.

Don’t Forget What You Already Have

Chances are you already have plenty you can use for packing material too. Blankets, quilts, pillows, cushions, and anything else like that makes it easy to save money and be good to the environment during your move. Just slide them in the crevices and spaces between your various products and you’re good to go.

Consider Transportation

Depending on where you currently live, you may have a few options for getting all your things to San Jose. A moving truck is often the most plausible and the best use of gas. However, if you live in Northern California, look up various moving companies that use bio fuel and otherwise specialize in environmentally-friendly ways to handle this process.

If you live farther away and have a car that needs to join you in San Jose, think about transporting it by train if you’ll be traveling in a truck. Trains are actually four times as fuel efficient, on average, as cars and trucks.

Lighten Your Load

This move represents a great opportunity for getting rid of things you simply don’t use. Instead of packing them up and piling them in a vehicle, take an honest inventory of all you own and decide what doesn’t need to come with.

You can give items away or sell them off and use the money to help with your moving budget. Either way, lightening your load could mean using a smaller moving truck.

San Jose has a lot to offer to those who love the environment. Start things off on the right path by making your move here as green as possible.