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Moving Boxes & Storage Services in San Jose

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If you are looking for packing supplies and moving boxes in San Jose, CA, Boxbee has the solutions you need. Moving your home or business can be a stressful experience — not to mention tracking down the odds and ends of moving supplies that get costly quickly and generate additional trash and waste after you have completed your move.

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Rent Moving Boxes in San Jose

Boxbee offers rentable plastic reusable moving boxes for the San Jose area with a quick hassle-free process that is guaranteed to be the moving solution you need for an efficient, sustainable, and affordable move. Simply schedule a time and location you would like your reusable rented moving boxes to be delivered, pack up your boxes and move them to your new home or location, then schedule a pick-up date for the empty moving boxes.

Boxbee also offers self-storage units in San Jose for those who need to store items in the interim while moving. Our San Jose storage rental facilities are secured and monitored 24/7, and the storage process is simple. You order reusable moving boxes, we deliver them, then you pack them.

Boxbee will pick them up from your location and your items are tracked with GPS while en route. We then store them until you need them, and will even deliver them to your new San Jose location.

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Multi-Purpose Moving Boxes

Strong and Stackable

Complete with lockable lids to keep contents secure and dust free.


Ideal for securely storing or moving office and personal items.


Plastic moving boxes are barcoded, making it easy to identify contents.

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Crates For Every Situation

Boxbee plastic moving crates are versatile and durable, perfect for storing items such as
clothes, sports gear, photo albums, wills, tax documents, books, and more!!

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Need More Information?

The process to rent plastic moving boxes in San Jose has never been easier. Instead of spending extra time and money purchasing cardboard boxes, tape and labels that end up as a recycling mess that you have to break down and sort, our shipping boxes in San Jose, CA are delivered right to your door and picked up at your new location. The steps to use our moving supplies are easy, efficient and affordable:

  • Choose how many boxes you need.
  • Order your rental package and choose your delivery date to receive your boxes with free next-day delivery.
  • Pack up your items and move them to your new location.
  • Unpack your Boxbee moving boxes.
  • Choose a date for free next-day moving box pick up!

All of our Boxbee packages come with moving boxes that already have a lid and are made of hard plastic to protect your items — unlike cardboard boxes that easily break and must be assembled and taped together. To save you the hassle of gathering additional packing supplies in San Jose traffic, all Boxbee orders include at least one moving dolly and enough packing labels for your order. 

Self Storage San Jose

Setting up storage for rent in San Jose, CA is a simple task with Boxbee self-storage on-demand services

The process is simple, secure, and convenient. Calculate how many Boxbee moving boxes you need and place your order.

  • Boxbee will deliver empty moving crates to your door. 
  • Pack up your items and schedule a pickup.
  • Boxbee will pick your items up from your location, transport them with trackable GPS, and store them in our secure San Jose storage facility.
  • You can use our online tools 24/7 to access your items at any time.
  • When you are ready, schedule a delivery date and have your items delivered back to you. 

Our San Jose self-storage solutions provide the opportunity to store your items during the moving process, or to declutter your home with items you don’t immediately need. 

Our Storage Units in San Jose

Boxbee storage units in San Jose, CA have a proven track record of the tightest security for your stored items and belongings. Boxbee is operated by Corodata, a leading records management company that has serviced the needs of properly secured storage for businesses, such as law firms and medical practices, that are responsible for protecting sensitive information. Once Boxbee has picked up your moving boxes, they are tracked via GPS until they enter our secure warehouse.

We ensure our storage facilities in San Jose have the utmost protection for your belongings using the following security measures.

  • Our facilities include top-of-the-line, 24/7 surveillance.
  • Boxbee restricts warehouse access.
  • Our warehouse employees must pass rigorous background checks and drug screenings, as well as our own diligent training process. 

If you’re preparing for your next move and need a safe place to store your items, Boxbee’s storage and moving solutions are a simple way to move and store your items, so you can focus on the move itself.



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