Top San Jose Restaurants

There are countless reasons you’ll love your new home in San Jose, and if you’re looking for some of the top San Jose restaurants, you have a number of options. While you may have a big move ahead of you, keeping this in mind will hopefully help make things a bit easier. One thing the city definitely has going for it is some fantastic eateries. As soon as you’re settled in, make sure you take some time to celebrate by having a meal at one of these establishments.

Falafel Drive-In

Who doesn’t love a good falafel? It’s basically a taco with a lot more food packed in it and all kinds of options. If you go to Falafel Drive-In, you’ll quickly realize why many people say it’s not just the best place for this specialty in San Jose, but perhaps the entire West Coast.

You’ll have no problem finding the place either. Their big neon sign and ‘70s décor is impossible to miss. For the past 30 years, Falafel Drive-In has attracted crowds throughout the week and made people lifetime customers after just one visit.

Bistro Tupaz

If you’re new to the area, Bistro Tupaz is a great first impression for your taste buds. There’s no way they won’t go nuts for their arancini, meatballs and calamari. Even something as simple as pommes frites will kick your tongue into high gear.

Located near the Almaden Quicksilver County Park and about a stone’s throw from Los Gatos, Bistro Tupaz is around plenty of other things to do too. You can explore neighboring towns or your new home city and then enjoy an unreal experience at this unique restaurant.

Nemea Greek Taverna

For those who love Greek food, San Jose has you covered. Nemea Greek Taverna may be the first and only restaurant you ever go to their food is so good. All the traditional Greek foods are there like gyros, lamb and dishes with more olives than you can count. Even their fries come with feta sprinkled over the top. Of course, they also have some amazing fish dishes, as you’d expect.

Another thing most people love about Nemea Greek Taverna is their wine selection. San Jose is well known for their local brands and you can’t think of Greece without imagining fields of ripened grapes. Wines from both locations are on the menu here.

Located right in the heart of downtown San Jose, you’ll have no trouble finding Nemea Greek Taverna and plenty of other things to do nearby.

Veggie Grill

Vegetarians and vegans won’t feel left out in San Jose, not with Veggie Grill in town. Even those who usually avoid this type of cuisine will find some very cool options on their menu. If you didn’t think vegans could do junk food, you’ll be surprised by what Veggie Grill’s chefs can work up. Of course, they have all kinds of healthy things to order too (but where’s the fun in that?).

Parking around Santana Row can be tough, so you may want to do a drive-by before making your reservations to get a feel for where you can leave your car.

MIZU Sushi Bar and Grill

Most people think of San Diego when American sushi is brought up, but San Jose may be on its way to stealing the title. This is thanks to restaurants like MIZU Sushi Bar and Grill.

Their menu truly has it all. You can find all the traditional forms of sushi here, but they don’t shy away from contemporary interpretations either. Whether it’s your first time having sushi or you’ve had the real deal overseas, Mizu Sushi Bar and Grill will not disappoint.

San Jose has so much to offer, it’s tough to know where to start. However, there’s no way you won’t get hungry at some point, so keep the above list in mind.