How to Select a Good San Francisco Mover

San Francisco is not a friendly city to move in if you don’t have a good mover. Moving supplies are just half the battler, without a good San Francisco mover, the challenges are even more profound.

If you’re looking for a good San Francisco moving company, here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for. You’ll end up saving money if you ask smart questions, and you make sure you’re getting someone with experience and the right equipment.

Getting it from Here to There

Traffic in San Francisco can be bad. Depending upon where you’re moving, it might be inevitable that you’re going to have to deal with some delays and, when you hire movers, delays mean more money.

If you’re planning on moving, first check the routes that you can take to your new house or apartment and ask the movers if they’re willing or able to take alternate routes. This can seriously cut down on time and can cut down on costs, as well. The last thing you want to be to pay for having your items sitting in a traffic jam.

Loading Correctly

Movers have to know how to load vehicles and, in San Francisco, that’s particular an issue. The hilly terrain and need to take the occasional sharp corner both make driving a challenge, and they make keeping a loaded truck stable even more of a challenge. Poor packing means that your items are going to get tossed around and damaged.

One of the solutions for this is to use plastic moving boxes rather than cardboard ones. These types of boxes, which have lids that positively close and a design that’s made for staking, ensure that the load is as stable as possible. The very standardized sizes make them easy to strap in for the ride and, of course, that means that they’re much more likely to take hills without falling over and damaging your goods.

Loading Fast

Your movers are going to have to be able to load fast and that takes the right equipment. Make sure they have everything they need and that your moving company provides more than a couple of big folks with strong backs. They need dollies and all the other equipment required to move your belongings safety.

The right crates make a difference here, as well. If the moving boxes you’re using are very standardized, it’s easier for the movers to haul them to the truck, stack them up and secure them. This can cut down on the loading time involved in your move and, thus, the expense involved in your move, as well.

How to Do It Right

Moving is really an affair that, if you want to do it right, has to start from the moment you pack your first items. Keep them organized and make sure you’re packing them into containers that are durable and regular. Don’t over pack your boxes, and use bubble wrap and other supplies to ensure that your valuables are protected against damage.

You can make things even easier by stacking up your boxes for the movers so they can put their dollies under them and truck them away with minimal labor. This is very easy to do if you have plastic moving boxes, as they stack up easily and fit together well.

Consider dispensing with the cardboard. This makes it easier for the movers, easier for you and, of course, if something does fall, its’ protected by industrial strength plastic rather than a thin layer of cardboard, and that can make a huge difference in how well your items fare on your move.