5 Ways to Use Valet Storage in NorCal

We live in an age where we heavily rely on on-demand services. One tap on a phone screen can get you food, a personal driver, movers, a handyman — you name it. Making life happen has never been easier. Valet storage is another on-demand service gaining popularity. For the unfamiliar, valet storage is a service where you schedule a pick-up, professional movers arrive, and haul them to a designated storage unit. It’s a conscious act of decluttering without the pain of finding a storage unit, and worrying how you’re going to transport your stuff. When you’re ready to get your hands on your items in storage again, they’re delivered back to you whenever you want. Many people use this service for moving, which makes sense, but people can use it for a variety of reasons too. For example:  

1. Seasonal Cleaning

When temperatures change, so do our wardrobes. Hoarding your winter ski gear, sweaters, and everything in between can be difficult when you live in a small space. One way to use valet storage is when you clean out your closet for the upcoming season. This process help you stay organized, know where your things are, and it even forces you to re-evaluate the clothing items you haven’t worn in a year.  

2. Pop-up Backyard Dinners

Who says you need a year-round patio set to host dinner parties outside? This is the Bay Area after all. While outdoor backyards exist, they’re far from being abundant. With this being said, it’s never a bad idea to have an on-demand patio set ready for spontaneous nights. The kind where you want to wine and dine a loved one or group of friends. You can check out our Pinterest board for pop-up event inspiration.  

3. Impromptu Sports Games

Are you a bubble soccer, football, or hockey lover? Do you dream of starting your own league with friends, but not quite sure where to store the equipment? Valet storage is a great solution for this predicament.  

4. Camping

Owning your own camping equipment is a must when you live in the Bay Area. But the question, “Where will I store everything?” always lingers in the back of the mind during a shopping trip to REI. Space is an issue when it comes to city living, but there’s always valet storage. Unless you’re living in a huge mansion, you probably don’t have the space to store a six-person tent, trekking poles, and a backpacking stove. Even if you do, why clutter that space with items you only use a few times a year?  

5. Outdoor Hobbies

Valet storage isn’t only a good option for campers though. You live in one of the most outdoorsy parts of the country. Chances are you have many outdoor hobbies that require bulky equipment. There you have it: Five alternatives for using valet storage. Enjoy!