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Plastic Moving Boxes & Storage in Oakland

740 National Court Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(844) 626-9233

We provide both moving boxes and storage units in Oakland, CA. Rent moving supplies from plastic containers to rolling dollies to make your move simple. It’s a challenge to find affordable moving and self-storage in Oakland, California, but we have already helped thousands of Oakland residents cover their needs affordably.

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sat & Sun

Rent Moving Boxes in Oakland

Moving supplies in Oakland shouldn’t be used once and find their way into landfills. Our packing supplies in Oakland are designed to be used and reused with every move. We only use plastic boxes, rather than cardboard ones, because they’re strong, durable, and can last for years before they need to be replaced.

Scheduling your shipping boxes in Oakland, CA, couldn’t be simpler. Just get in touch, and we’ll organize a time for delivery that suits you. Once you’re done with your move, we’ll come and pick them up for you. Our clients don’t have to lift a finger.

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Boxbee Crates


Multi-Purpose Moving Crates

Strong and Stackable

Our stackable totes include lockable lids to keep your items secure and dust-free.

Secure Storage

Our ultra-durable, secure storage boxes are ideal for office and personal items.

Barcoded Boxes

Our plastic boxes are barcoded, making it easy to identify the content of each box.

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Moving Boxes For Every Situation

Our Boxbee plastic moving boxes are versatile and durable, perfect for storing items such as
clothes, sports gear, photo albums, wills, tax documents, books, and more!!

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Need More Information?

Plastic boxes are the green solution to moving boxes in Oakland, CA. They’re stackable, lightweight, and uniform in size for easy transportation.

1. Get Oakland storage rental and moving services all at the same time. Rely on just one provider for all your needs.

2. We serve California with locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose. Wherever your move takes you, we’re there to support you every step of the way.

Self Storage in Oakland

Get storage services on demand. Our self-storage in Oakland, California, is designed to make storing your belongings easier.

Inventory – Pay only for what you need. We can store it whether you’ve got a little or a lot.

Security – Our storage facilities in Oakland come with 24/7 premium security, so you have peace of mind.

Convenience – Access your items anytime. Everything happens online. If you need something back, schedule your delivery, and we’ll bring you whatever you need.

Organization – Store everything offsite, so you never lose track of anything during your move.

We believe that our storage pick-up and delivery service is the self-storage unit of the future. Manage everything remotely without driving out of town to hunt for your items in long corridors of anonymous storage units.

Our team understands how busy you are. With our innovative online platform, you can check out what’s in your locker and ask us to deliver anything from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.

Our Storage Units in Oakland

Our Oakland storage units come with the highest level of security around, so you know that your items are always well-protected, whether you’re storing with us for years or weeks.

We have the strictest safety and security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access, theft, and loss including 24/7 surveillance, restricted warehouse access, and trained employees to help along the way.




740 National Ct, Richmond, CA 94804

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740 National Ct, Richmond, CA 94804

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