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Moving Boxes & Storage Services - San Diego

12375 Kerran St. Poway, CA 92064
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Boxbee is ready to accommodate all of your San Diego moving needs whether you are moving to a new home, apartment, or a business moving to a new location.

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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Rent Moving Boxes in San Diego

When it comes to moving boxes, San Diego’s Boxbee location has everything you need. Our moving box rental and on-demand storage services provide plastic boxes, packing labels, dollies and reliable storage solutions for a simpler move. And thanks to our online management system, scheduling pick-up and delivery is easier than ever — perfect for both homeowners and businesses that have a move coming up.

It works like this: select how many plastic moving boxes you need, then schedule our team to drop them off. Pack up your boxes and move over to your new space, then we’ll come pick up the empty boxes once you’ve unpacked. Reserve boxes and other moving supplies in San Diego today!

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Boxbee Crates


Multi-Purpose Moving Crates

Strong and Stackable

Complete with lockable lids to keep contents secure and dust free.


Ideal for securely storing or moving office and personal items.


Rental boxes are barcoded, making it easy to identify contents.

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Moving Boxes For Every Situation

Our Boxbee plastic moving boxes are versatile and durable, perfect for storing items such as
clothes, sports gear, photo albums, wills, tax documents, books, and more!!

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Need More Information?

Looking for moving boxes in San Diego, CA? Instead of purchasing a bunch of cardboard and tape, rent plastic moving boxes! Plastic boxes are both stronger and more durable, which means you’ll end up using fewer boxes altogether. And you won’t have to worry about any bending or breaking with your heavier items! This makes for an overall easier move that saves you money — and even stress.

Not only that, but plastic packing boxes are extremely efficient. Compared to regular cardboard boxes, there’s no assembly or taping required. Just pack, stack, and go! It’s an incredibly easy way to load up a moving truck. Rather than spend extra time trying to assemble and organize, you can conveniently load up all of your stuff with way less effort, buying you more precious time and energy to go toward unpacking and settling in. Rent moving boxes in San Diego here! Packing labels and dollies included.

Self Storage in San Diego

If you need to store some of your items either during your move or for an extended period of time after you’ve moved, check out our pick-up storage service. We’ll drop off empty crates at your door, and as soon as they’re packed up, we’ll deliver them to our secure San Diego storage facilities.

We all know how easy it is for items to get lost during a move. Stuff just seems to disappear! To help you securely keep track of your belonging, we offer an online inventory management tool that will tell you where in storage your items are located — for peace of mind in case you think you lost something. If you need something from storage, simply schedule a time to have your stuff delivered right to your door. 

Storage has never been so organized and stress-free! Whether you’re a business or homeowner looking for temporary and accessible storage space, Boxbee’s storage rental in San Diego gets the job done! 

Our Storage Units in San Diego

Safety, security, and reliability are top priorities here at Boxbee, and we work hard to apply these high standards to all our storage units in San Diego. Each of our warehouses includes rigorous security measures, including 24/7 top-of-the-line surveillance, and access is limited to trained employees who have passed lengthy background checks. Not only that, but all our fleet vehicles have GPS monitoring systems installed, and our detailed chain of custody tracking maintains accountability. 

Whether you’re a business with important documents and information to store, or a homeowner who just needs a safe space to store valuable items for a bit, check out our self-storage in San Diego. 




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