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Plastic Moving Boxes Rental: How It Works

Rent moving boxes for your next move with Boxbee’s simple and easy plastic moving totes rental process. Our reusable moving boxes rental packages offer a simple and easy way to take the hassle out of your next move.


We Deliver Reusable Moving Boxes

We deliver plastic moving crates to your location.


You Move & Unpack

You use our moving boxes and supplies to pack your items and move them to your new location.

We Pickup Empty Boxes

Once you’ve moved and unpacked, let us know and we’ll pick up your rented plastic moving totes.

Benefits of Boxbee Reusable Moving Boxes

Why bother with wasteful cardboard and tape when you can rent a moving box with all the supplies you need? Our plastic moving crates for rent are a faster and cheaper solution to make your next move less stressful and wasteful.

Easier & Stackable

Our boxes to rent for moving already include a lid. No tape or box assembly and no recycling mess. Our reusable plastic moving boxes are also sturdy and strong to keep your items safe during transport. Plus, they’re stackable!!



Boxbee moving crate rental packages are easy to order and use. Simply calculate how many boxes you need and we’ll deliver them to your door for tote moving and delivery. Once you’ve got them, just pack, stack, and go.



No need to buy cardboard boxes when you rent reusable plastic moving boxes from Boxbee! Our moving tote rental packages already include moving supplies, such as a dolly and packaging labels, so there is no need to track down and spend money on additional moving supplies.


Rental packages start at $99 with delivery.

When you rent moving crates with Boxbee, it’s a one stop shop for all your moving supplies and moving boxes. You determine what package you need to rent boxes for moving a house or office and we deliver them right to your door with no extra delivery fee.


Free Next-Day Delivery and Pickup!

Our plastic moving boxes are delivered throughout California with locations in San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Orange County. You simply order the moving boxes you need and we deliver the next day. Once you’ve unpacked, contact us for next-day pick up! Our free next-day delivery and pick-up come at no extra charge to your rental package.




*Starting At

25 Boxes


*Starting At

40 Boxes


Starting At

60 Boxes


*Starting At

80 Boxes


*Starting At

120 Boxes

Not Sure How Many Plastic Moving Boxes to Rent?


To properly plan and rent moving supplies for your next move, use our general guidelines for boxes needed per room, starting with studio apartments and all the way up to four-bedroom homes:


15-30 Boxes

1 Bedroom:

30-40 Boxes

2 Bedroom:

40-60 Boxes

3 Bedroom:

60-80 Boxes

4 Bedroom:

80-100 Boxes

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