Running Out of
Storage Space?

The same team that delivers moving boxes and
supplies can store the extra boxes in your home,
saving you the time of running out to a traditional
self-storage units.

Get 3 Months Free Storage
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When Your Rental
Ends, We Pickup and
Store Your Boxes


Mini Pack


*First Week
25 Boxes
Small Pack


*First Week
40 Boxes
Medium Pack


*First Week
60 Boxes
Large Pack


*First Week
80 Boxes
Jumbo Pack


*First Week
100 Boxes

Need Your Item Back?

With the Boxbee web tools, you can request an item to be returned to your home and we can drop the item off in as little as two hours or the delivery is on us.

Need to see what you have stored?

Unlike traditional storage, Boxbee provides you with online tools that allow you to manage and see your inventory.

Barcode Scanning System

Our prelabeled boxes help you keep organized and it also helps us locate your items when you order them back. Our labels help you keep organized, and it also helps us locate your items.

Safe and Secure Storage

Our storage units are monitored 24/7.

One Stop Shop Storage

We have everything for you to save time. Whether you need boxes to relocate or you need to declutter, Boxbee is there to help you.

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