Our software powers On-Demand Storage.

You have a storage company, we make it work.

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Boxbee makes it easy to start, manage and grow an On-Demand Storage company.

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Customized for you

Create the storage service you want including branding, pricing, operating area, and types of items stored.

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All-In-One System

Manage your warehouse, vehicles, customer billing, and employees with powerful, easy-to-use tools.

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No-Hassle Technology

We keep the software updated and running smoothly so you don't need expensive engineering investments.

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Easy, fair pricing.

Setup is free. You pay a small commission only when you get paying customers for your storage service.

Give your customers an elegant, easy-to-use website that's available on any device.

Visual Storage

Your customers can see what they have in storage with you.

Simple Scheduling

Your customers can make pickup and delivery appointments.


Your customers can manage their account and get support.

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