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Storage that comes to you, by the box.

“A minor miracle: how easy storage is with Boxbee"
- Larry Y.
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"Boxbee helps me stay organized. Out of sight out of mind!"
- Tanya L.
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“Perfect for storing all our photo gear.”
- Katie T.
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"Just not enough closet space -- until I found Boxbee!"
- Kaycee M.
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Boxbee Bee

How it Works

Boxes arrive
at your door.

You fill them, and
schedule a pickup.

Your boxes are
secured in storage.

Manage your boxes online.

Schedule a delivery when you need one.

You can even send boxes to friends or colleagues.


From $6 to $7.50 a month per box

Only pay for what you use

We'll quickly send you our durable, easily-stackable, water resistant boxes free of charge. We keep one standard box size to make storage and pricing simple for you.

Exact pricing at your location: Select your city and click "Get Started"

Empty boxes for your use: Always FREE

Pickups: Always FREE

Retrieving your stuff: $15 + $2/box

The fine print: Once you receive our empty boxes for packing or are ready to unpack the boxes, we ask that you do it within a 2 week grace period so that we can keep the cost of our high quality boxes down. After the grace period, if we have not received the boxes, we will charge a $4/mo per box fee. Thank you for understanding!

Security Shield

Security is our Priority

Theft Earthquakes Water Fire

Professional storage and 24hr security keep
your things safe from the hazards at home.

We understand how it feels to have things you care about placed in the protection of others, so we’ve made the security of your boxes the greatest priority at Boxbee. With storage from Boxbee, you’re protected from:

  • Theft with our secure storage and 24/hr surveillance
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes
  • Water damage thanks to our plastic sealed containers
  • Apartment fires that can arise from careless neighbors

Free boxes and free delivery

Your city:
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San Francisco
New York City
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