Where to Rent Moving Boxes in California

If you’re about to change addresses, chances are you’re on the hunt for moving boxes. Can you imagine moving everything by hand, piece-by-piece? No way. Using a moving rental truck and some handy boxes makes a world of difference– especially since relocating house is already stressful in itself. So much to do, so little time! To ease the new home transition, in this post, we’ll talk all about where to get moving boxes, what to look out for, and more.

Moving Boxes San Francisco

San Francisco

Cardboard boxes can be extremely handy, but if you need a particularly strong box to hold things like shoes, kitchen supplies, and seasonal clothes, it’s much easier to go for reusable plastic moving boxes. There’s no tape or assembly needed, sans the giant trash mess! 

They’re also sturdy enough to ensure your belongings stay protected, without worrying about whether a box can hold that one oddly heavy item from your closet. In the end, this can save you a lot of time and money, since you don’t have to spend extra dollars and energy dividing up your items into more boxes just to hold your stuff. 

So, if you’re looking for durable moving boxes, San Francisco offers a rent a box service through Boxbee, where you can rent plastic moving bins for a period of time during your move. 

Moving Boxes San Diego

San Diego

When it comes to moving boxes, San Diego has what you’re looking for if you’re planning on changing locations in America’s Finest City. But, there’s one stressful issue. You spend half of the time putting your belongings in boxes and the other half taping, trying to stack effectively, and struggling to pack the boxes up in your moving vehicle without breaking anything. 

However, you can cut down your moving time by going with plastic moving crates. There’s no taping or hassling to load up the car. Just pack, stack, and go for a speedy move. Using a moving crate rental means an extremely efficient process, as opposed to spending too much time on the boxes themselves. Moving is a major milestone. The less stress you can endure, the more energy you can devote to things that really matter! Here at Boxbee, we also rent dollies to help with the stacking and moving process.

Moving Boxes San Jose

San Jose

In terms of moving boxes, San Jose residents need to go green. After all, San Jose is working hard to stay environmentally-friendly, and it’s important to contribute. Unfortunately, moving usually means all kinds of waste, like packing paper, cardboard boxes, and tape that typically ends in the garbage. It’s true– even most reused cardboard eventually ends up as trash.

It’s way better to rent moving boxes for a cleaner move, as durable plastic boxes just keep getting reused! Using a moving bin rental service can drastically cut down on waste– not to mention make a much simpler move. And when you’re packing up your entire life, simplicity can make or break a smooth process.

Choose the Best Moving Rental Service in California

moving boxes and clothes

Moving boxes don’t have to be complicated. In fact, they can be the easiest part of your move. Use Boxbee, your go-to bin rental service in California. When you rent plastic moving boxes, we’ll deliver your bins directly to your location, you move and unpack, then we’ll pick up your rentals from your new home. This way, there’s no assembly, tape, or recycling mess. It’s cheaper than buying loads of cardboard boxes, and you just pack, stack, and go! Here at Boxbee, we also offer free next-day delivery and pick-up with no additional tax. Rent moving boxes today, to get started on your move. We’re here to help!