Homeowners & Renters Adopt Boxbee for their Moving & Homeselling Needs

Moving Made Easy With Boxbee

After buying or selling a home, there’s one (dreadful) part of the process that comes next: moving. Many of us have experience with moving at some point in our lives, yet it has never been an activity that we enjoy. Having to empty out closets, cupboards, and drawers then transfer items into cheaply made cardboard boxes that take entirely too much time to tape up can be a (tiresome) process. This has been the only way we’ve known to move since forever…until I discovered Boxbee.

Plastic Moving Boxes Save You Time

What they provide is great: a set of rigid plastic moving boxes that do not require any assembly or tape, they easily stack onto one another, AND Boxbee will deliver them to you! Their reusable boxes make moving so much easier. Packing items is far more efficient when you don’t have to worry about multiple box sizes. And loading/unloading your trailer goes much faster as well.

Since learning about Boxbee, I’ve referred my clients to utilize their service multiple times. All of them have been satisfied with the results. It’s very affordable, easy to order, and completely hassle-free. If you don’t have much to move, it’s just $99 for 25 boxes. If you have a lot, you can get 120 boxes for $269[CC1].

Affordable Moving Boxes

For comparison, the cheapest similar-sized corrugated boxes I could find online ( are $5.04/ea for 25 (plus S+H). You can save at least $30 by using Boxbee. In addition to the money, you’ll also be saving time. Plus, once you’re done with the Boxbee boxes, you simply call them to have them drop off and picked up crates. No recycling or multiple trips to the store required!

Boxbee has made moving much easier. They provide service to customers in multiple locations within the Bay Area and Southern CA. To learn more, visit or call direct at (844) 626-9233.