San Jose Neighborhoods Guide

Do you plan on moving to the South Bay soon and are you the best neighborhoods in San Jose? If so, you’ve made an excellent choice. Home to Silicon Valley, this city has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty, modern appeal and great culture. Before you can pick a home, though, you should really think about where exactly you want to live. Like a lot of cities in Northern California, San Jose is made up of some pretty distinct neighborhoods. It’s worth researching each one so you end up somewhere you’ll feel comfortable. While there is a number to choose from, review our San Jose Neighborhoods Guide to see which are generally considered the best.


If you’re single, downtown is going to be your best bet, without question. There is so much to do and see, from going to Sharks games to club-hopping to amazing shopping, and all of it is easy to get to thanks to public transportation. Unlike a lot of urban environments, downtown San Jose is actually very safe. The city as a whole is constantly rated as one of—if not the—safest in the entire country. Though not ideal, perhaps, for a family (unless your kids are older), downtown is great for the single life or young couples.

West San Jose

On the other end of the spectrum is West San Jose. This neighborhood is comprised almost entirely of residential homes sprinkled throughout the suburbs. If you’re just starting a family or are relocating one, you can’t go wrong with this area. Your kids will definitely not lack friends and you’ll be in a great school district. Once you live here long enough, you’ll know all about Prusch Park, a farm that sells fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s located within this neighborhood, which is just one more reason to love it. There’s also the gorgeous Japanese Friendship Garden, which features an immaculate tea garden and Koi ponds. If your suburb ever gets a bit busy, the garden makes for an excellent retreat.

Santa Teresa

This neighborhood is a bit of a combination of the two above. It could work for single people and those with families. It’s also one of the most affordable areas in the city. Homes here were mostly made in the 50s and 60s, which gives them a pleasant, uniform style (though they are in no way cookie cutter). There are also a number of stores to take advantage of in Santa Teresa. There is Nob Hill Foods, International Express Market and the Main Street shopping center for electronics, clothes, restaurants and much more.


The Japanese culture here is evident all over the city (make sure you do a tour of the sushi bars here). If you’re fond of that atmosphere, Japantown is a great place to live. Townhomes and condos are easy to find here at a great price, making this neighborhood welcoming to both singles and small families. If you’re someone who loves local businesses, you’ll love Japantown. There is a local farmer’s market, small theaters, museums, barbershops and much more. People here take pride in supporting their neighbors’ enterprises.

Willow Glen

Probably the most ideal area for raising a family is Willow Glen. Here you’ll be far removed from the rest of the city, though that’s not to say it’s tough to find options for shopping and dining. While you’ll have a great view of the mountains, your primary scenery will be a beautiful suburban landscape and citrus trees. This neighborhood also has a lot of great local businesses to enjoy too. San Jose may be one of the most gorgeous cities in the country, so no matter where you live, you’re going to love it. However, the five neighborhoods above are especially well-known for how much people enjoy calling them home. Source: The 5 Best Neighborhoods in San Jose