Use Plastic Moving Boxes for Your Move to San Jose

Use Plastic Moving Boxes for Your Move to San Jose

If you’re planning a move to San Jose, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the city. Despite its size, it’s one of the safest in the country, amongst those with populations over 500,000. The city is renowned for its place in Silicon Valley, thanks to the Stanford campus and the countless tech companies that call San Jose home. Before you can do the same, though, you have to move, which means picking the right moving boxes. Fortunately, At Boxbee, we like to think we make that decision a pretty easy one.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

First of all, we actually rent our moving boxes to people. This doesn’t just save you money over the cardboard kind, though. It also means you have less clutter to deal with. After a long move, do you really want to have more you need to clean up? We’ll deliver your boxes to your current home and then come pick them up when you’re done with them. Did we mention this service is free?

Unrivaled Durability

Most people just take for granted that their only option for moving boxes is those made from cardboard. This means they usually accept the fact that their valuables could be damaged during the move. It’s not as though cardboard is known for supplying a large degree of protection. Even something as simple as moisture can render them useless. Our high-grade plastic, on the other hand, is known for its durability. You can rest assured that all the wear and tear a box goes through during a move won’t affect your things inside one bit.


Although we like to think our delivery service makes using Boxbee moving boxes pretty convenient—especially during such a stressful time—we don’t stop there. Our boxes were actually designed with convenience in mind. For one thing, you don’t have to put them together as you do with cardboard boxes—they arrive that way. Their tops also come right together and are easy to throw tape over for a secure hold. Before you use them and after they’ve been unpacked, you can also stack them inside of one another, so they’re easy to keep out of the way.

Added Accessories

While we’ve definitely become known for our moving boxes, that’s not all we have to offer. Practically any moving supplies you need for your haul to San Jose is waiting for you in our inventory. Pack our boxes up and stack them on top of each other with a rolling moving dolly underneath them. This makes it easy for anybody to move a lot of items all at once, saving you from having to take multiple trips. Of course, you’ll probably have to take a lot of those boxes upstairs. That’s not going to be a problem with our lightweight hand trucks. They can easily hold up to 500 pounds, so stack up as much as you can. For objects that are heavy and won’t fit in a box, try our lifting straps. They make it simple for two people to move large objects like bookcases, pianos, entertainment centers, etc. without putting their backs or muscles in jeopardy. Like our moving boxes, these items are both affordable and for rent. We also sell other necessities like bubble wrap and packing paper. For those who are environmentally conscious, check out our packing wrap. There’s a lot that needs to be done before you can begin enjoying the beautiful weather and many attractions of San Jose. Let Boxbee make it simple to get through your move so you can begin enjoying your new home as soon as possible Source: