Let Boxbee Help You Move to Oakland

Are you getting ready for a move to Oakland? While you’re probably excited to make your home in such a great city, keep in mind that there is a lot of work to do between now and then. The move alone can cause a lot of stress and cost a lot of money. Fortunately,  Boxbee is here to help.

What Our Boxes Offer

Our company specializes in plastic moving boxes. At the moment, you probably planned on packing plastic boxes for your Oakland move. This is a mistake for a number of reasons, though. By using our reusable moving boxes, Oakland residents have saved as much as 40% on packing up their things. Given all the other expenses that come with a move, this money could make a big difference. Another benefit our boxes give Oakland residents is that they don’t need to be recycled. Those that use cardboard boxes need a place to put them all when the move is over. No matter how big your new home is, you’re not going to want to simply store them all for another move somewhere down the line. Recycling them takes time though and is simply one more thing you have to do after a challenging move. Furthermore, our boxes are more environmentally friendly than cardboard. After you use them, countless other customers will as well. Unlike cardboard boxes, we don’t need to constantly take from Mother Nature to stay in business. With Boxbee, though, we’ll come pick up our boxes when you’re finished. Our Oakland customers have lived in a number of different neighborhoods throughout the city. It doesn’t matter where you’re making your new home, we offer free delivery and pick-up. They’ll also save you a lot of room during your move. Our boxes are easy to stack when empty or once packed and their tops are closed. Stack them with ease in your vehicle or the moving truck. Being made of heavy-duty plastic, our boxes also aren’t going to buckle under the normal pressure that comes with a move. Rest assured that your items will show up exactly as you packed them.

Other Supplies We Provide

This isn’t all we can do though. Aside from our moving boxes, Oakland residents have also benefited from using other equipment we offer for their moves. For example, our rolling moving dollies make it simple to stack up several boxes and then make them mobile. You’ll be able to move way more items than you ever could trying to hold them all in cardboard boxes. Dollies are especially helpful for those who may not otherwise be strong enough to carry more than one box at once. Sometimes, though, even the strongest can benefit from using a hand truck for their property. Ours can carry up to 500 pounds, plus, they come with stair bumpers for taking all that weight upstairs as necessary. This affordable piece of equipment, alone, can save you lots of time and will ensure your back works just fine the next day. Speaking of which, you’ll have some items that won’t fit in our boxes. They may also be extremely heavy. Use our lifting straps, though, and you’ll be able to leverage your strength and keep yourself save in the process. Lastly, every move entails packing materials. We have packing paper, bubble wrap and even Geami wrap for those who are especially environmentally conscious. For all your moving needs, consider how Boxbee can help. Aside from our moving boxes, Oakland residents have taken advantage of our other products as well and even saved money in the process. Call (415) 347-3160 today to find out more about how we can help.