Meet Our Moving and Packing Supplies

Whether you’re moving from one home to another or heading to a new office, you’re going to need packing supplies to do it. Aside from moving boxes, you’ll also need a number of other suppliers to ensure an efficient process. Luckily, here at Boxbee, we have everything it takes.

Boxbee Boxes

The name says it all. Our moving boxes are designed to deal with all kinds of punishment, no matter how much force it involves. Unlike cheap, flimsy cardboard moving boxes, ours are made from industrial strength plastic, which also allows us to produce a 100% recyclable product that’s friendly to our environment. We also designed them so that they stack on each other easily. This keeps them in place whether they’re in the back of a truck or you have them piled high on your dolly.

Rolling Moving Dolly

You can also place our moving boxes right onto one of our rolling moving dollies. These make it extremely easy to move around heavier objects that may not take up a lot of room. In fact, our customers have found these so handy that we include them in every rental package. They’re incredibly easy to use as well, even when as many as four boxes are loaded on top of them. Move them over practically any surface with ease.


Just about every move requires a hand truck. This is another great way to move around multiple moving boxes at once. Our hand trucks are made from durable, yet lightweight, aluminum, meaning they hardly weigh a thing, but can handle up to 500 pounds. These tools are essential for moves because they ensure safety without impairing how much you move around at once. With stair bumpers included, you don’t have to stop benefiting from our hand trucks the moment you hit you’re the first step.

Packing Paper

We have the all-important packing paper available too. Like the rest of our products, this paper is durable and friendly to the environment. In fact, it’s actually made from recycled paper to begin with. Yet, it’s still rated for 30 pounds and comes 24 by 36 inches. Each pack comes with approximately 85 sheets of paper for just $12, making it easy to buy as much as you need to keep your items safe.

Bubble Wrap

For those packaging jobs when the paper may not cut it, try our affordable bubble wrap. Each roll we sell gives you 50 feet of wrap, with dimensions measuring 12 by 50 inches. We perforate our bubble wrap every foot of the way, too, so it’s easy for you to use just the amount you need. As you may have guessed, this wrap is 100% recyclable too.

Geami Packing Wrap

Another great item for moving is our Geami Packing Wrap. This is about as eco-friendly as it gets. Aside from being 100% recyclable, it’s biodegradable too. Furthermore, this is one of the only moving accessories you’ll find on the market that is even compostable. Each roll we sell includes 150 feet worth of wrap, and is 14 inches wide.

Lifting Straps

Finally, don’t forget the importance of our lifting straps. There are going to be times when our hand trucks and dollies won’t be able to cut it. When that happens, you’ll have to lift boxes that could be quite heavy, potentially putting your body at risk. With lifting straps, though, this is no longer a problem you need to worry about. These straps help you and a partner lift extremely heavy objects by leveraging more of your body while keeping your joints and back in a mostly-static position. When you need to move, you need Boxbee Moving Boxes on your side. Call us today at (415) 347-3160 to learn more. Source: