Why Boxbee Boxes Beat Cardboard Boxes

If you have a move coming up, there’s no doubt you already have a lot on your mind. Some things, though, you may have long since decided how you’ll handle. For example, many in your situation know that they’ll need a good amount of cardboard boxes to get their things from point A to point B. However, while this has been the obvious choice for decades, you should consider new options that have a cardboard box beat. Our moving boxes, for example, are a far better choice.

Overall Cost

Cardboard moving boxes can cost a lot more than people think. For one thing, you’ll have to decide where you’ll be getting them from. There are a number of different places in San Francisco where you can find cardboard boxes, meaning the prices will vary greatly. However, expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $2 per box on the low side. Lots of times people try to save money by getting their boxes from businesses that simply don’t need them anymore. Unfortunately, these used moving boxes usually leave a lot to be desired.

Ours, on the other hand, is quite affordable. We can afford to charge less for them because they’re reusable. You simply rent the moving boxes you need and then return them when your move is over.


Although cardboard is a fairly durable material, it’s often not dependable enough when you need to move. This is especially true if you’re getting yours secondhand. However, even the brand new kinds are going to have a hard time holding a lot of heavy objects and keeping them stored while you move them around. Once they’re loaded in a truck, they’ll face even more issues, especially if you try stacking them on top of one another for convenience.

With Boxbee Boxes, you can rest assured their structural integrity remains intact. After all, they’re made from heavy-duty plastic that refuses to bend or break, no matter what kind of wear and tear you put them through.


Obviously, cardboard doesn’t do so well when the elements are introduced. Here in San Francisco, we’re no strangers to rain, so you need to be careful that your cardboard doesn’t get exposed to it or the water will make quick work of your moving boxes. This also means, you have to be careful where you set them down, as even a puddle can jeopardize your belongings if given enough time. Again, our boxes have nothing to fear from the elements. That heavy-duty plastic we mentioned earlier ensures that any rain simply beads up and rolls off, leaving the material as sound as it was the day it was made.

Time Savings

We’re also quite proud of the fact that our moving boxes are extremely user-friendly. This might sound like an odd boast, but try dealing with dozens of cardboard boxes and you’ll soon wish for an easier way.

With our boxes, there’s no need to dedicate time to assemble them. You also don’t have to bother with taping them up simply to make them and then applying more tape later to ensure they stay shut (this also makes for greater savings). When your move is done, don’t worry about breaking the boxes down and/or trying to find a place to dispose of them. Our boxes don’t need to be broken down and, because they’re rentals, you don’t have to worry about disposal.

For a 100% recyclable option that is far superior to the traditional cardboard kind, consider how much easier our boxes can make your move. We’ll drop them off and pick them up for free. Just call (415) 347-3160 and let us know how we can help.