Free Moving Boxes Aren’t as Free as You Might Think

Everyone loves free things. From buy one, get one free sales to free coffee and even free samples at the grocery store, we just can’t say no to something that’s free. This is especially true if the alternatives are costly. When it comes to moving, most people are on the lookout for free moving boxes. After all, moving is extremely expensive already. After paying for a moving truck and paying for your deposit, you may feel like you have very little left to spend, and so the hunt for free moving boxes begins. But don’t let the word “free” mislead you. In the long run, free moving boxes aren’t as free as you might think.

Sure, the boxes themselves are free, but what about the money you’ll spend in gas to find them? You will likely start by asking your friends, family, and coworkers for any cardboard boxes that they can spare. But because they are supplying you with free moving boxes, they aren’t likely to drop them off at your house. You’re going to have to go and get them.

Chances are, the free moving boxes you find on your first trip won’t be enough. In order to find the dozens of boxes you need for your move, you’re going to have to check out more than one source. That means spending gas, driving around town, asking stores and strangers if they have any cardboard boxes they can spare. By the time you’ve filled your tank once or twice, you could have just paid for your boxes in the first place!

Unfortunately, free things aren’t necessarily made of high-quality materials or ingredients, and this is the case with free moving boxes. Cardboard boxes are created to be easily disposable. They must be taped before they can be used and they can easily become damaged during a move. Your items can be crushed by larger boxes, cardboard boxes are susceptible to water damage, and they can easily fall apart if they aren’t taped properly. So although the cardboard boxes were initially free, you’ll likely be spending money after the move, replacing all of the items that were damaged or broken because you wanted to save a couple of dollars with free moving boxes.

The Better Choice

Instead of settling for free moving boxes that will cost you more in the long run, invest in a better solution. Brute Box offers rentable, industrial-strength plastic boxes that are guaranteed to make your next move easy. Our boxes are delivered straight to your door and picked up when your move is over. That means you’ll spend absolutely no money on gas, driving around town, looking for free moving boxes. You can also rest assured that your belongings are protected because they cannot be damaged by rain, our boxes are not taped so they will not fall apart, and they cannot be crushed by other, heavier boxes.

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Think again. We offer customizable moving packages, depending on the size of your home. Many items, like moving dollies and packing labels, are included in the price of your rental. Free next-day delivery and pickup is always included with every rental and we will even pay the sales tax on our rental items! Check out the rental packages here: rental pricing.

Save yourself the time and money in the long run and choose Brute Box instead of free moving boxes. You’ll be able to spend your time packing instead of dealing with the annoyance of finding and taping free moving boxes. Your gas tank, belongings, and bank account will thank you.