Endless Options Are Available to Movers in San Francisco

Options are important, especially when it comes to moving. For movers, San Francisco poses quite a challenge. Although it attracts countless new residents and visitors because of its sweeping beauty and ideal climate. San Francisco can be a nightmare if you’re stuck with regular old cardboard boxes. Fortunately, if you take the time to search for “movers San Francisco” online, you’ll learn very quickly that the Bay area has a lot of options available.

Choose a better box.

There’s no reason to waste your time on horrible cardboard boxes. For movers, San Francisco poses a unique challenge when it comes to picking up boxes due to steep, winding, gas-guzzling roads. So, let Boxbee deliver your boxes! Instead of driving around town collecting cardboard boxes, we’ll deliver the boxes you need straight to your door. When you have unpacked, we’ll come and pick up your boxes. The best part is, our delivery service is free, no matter which package you choose. For movers in San Francisco and other locations around the country, cardboard boxes can cause costly damage. They are easily crushed, torn, and susceptible to water damage. Boxbee boxes, on the other hand, are made of industrial-strength plastic that cannot be broken or damaged, ensuring that your belongings are protected. Movers in San Francisco also have to contend with the amount of time moving takes, and much of this time is wasted on cardboard boxes. Not only do you have to find them, but they also need to be assembled. This can be especially costly if you’ve hired a moving company and they have to assemble your cardboard boxes before packing them. Boxbee provides already-assembled moving boxes in San Francisco that are ready to be used as soon as they are dropped off at your location. They are even 30% larger than most standard cardboard boxes!

Choose better moving supplies.

For movers, San Francisco can be quite costly. Items like dollies, packing materials, and lifting straps can make moving much easier, but they aren’t cheap. In many cases, movers in San Francisco make a special trip to the store and spend hundreds of dollars on these moving supplies that will likely only be used once or twice. In addition to their expense, these items can be a pain to store, and because so much time can elapse before your next move, it can be difficult to find these items when you need them. Movers in San Francisco can rent these essential items instead! One moving dolly is included with every Boxbee rental and it easily transports four full Boxbee moving boxes at a time. If you have to move up and down stairs or if you have other boxes that need to be moved, a traditional hand truck can be rented for just $6 a week. When searching for ‘movers San Francisco’, you’re likely to discover how expensive packing materials can be in the Bay Area. At Boxbee Moving, we pride ourselves on our affordable, environmentally-friendly choices. Packing paper is available and is a safe way to protect items during transport. Our paper is made of durable, 30-pound paper and recycled material. Looking for something more protective than paper? For movers in San Francisco, Geami wrap is available through Boxbee Moving. This packing material offers more protection than paper, but it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and it can even be added to your compost pile! For movers, San Francisco can pose a challenge, but with a little help from Boxbee, moving doesn’t have to be hard. Focus on settling into your new home or office and we’ll take care of the rest.