Moving Box Rental San Francisco

So you’re getting ready for your next move, and if you’re like most people, you dread having to find, assemble, tape and pack all of your cardboard moving boxes; and cardboard boxes are a gift that keeps on giving. Just you think you’re done, you’re not – you need to break down, haul to the curb and recycle all of the cheap, flimsy cardboard boxes. You must be thinking…there has GOT to be a better way. There is. At Boxbee we provide moving box rental to more than 75 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rental moving boxes are easier, cheaper and better for the environment than using cardboard.

How does moving box rental work?

The process is easy!
    1. Select the rental package you need based on the size of your house. All rental packages include Boxbee boxes, a rolling moving dolly, packing labels and cable ties to secure each box. We also have moving supplies like hand trucks, packing and bubble wrap available. Check out the packages here: Boxbee Rental Packages
    2. Select a delivery date and time that’s convenient for you. We’ll deliver everything, and you can start packing right away, there is no tape or assembly required. Pack each box, stack it on the included moving dolly and roll it right to your moving truck.
    3. When you’re done moving, we’ll pick up everything at your new place when it’s convenient for you. No more cardboard mess to recycle! Learn more at our How it Works page.

Why moving box rental is better

Instead of using cheap cardboard boxes, using a moving box rental service has a number of advantages:

No box assembly – After we drop off the boxes, you’re ready to start packing right away. There is no tape, no assembly and the boxes have integrated lids.

No box breakdown – When you’re done moving, there are no boxes to break down, haul to the curb and recycle. Contact us, and we’ll pick everything up when it’s convenient for you.

Save money – Because you’re renting, customers are saving up to 40% versus buying cardboard boxes. Complete rental packages start at just $79, and we’ll even pay the tax on all rented items.

Better for the environment – Our boxbee bins are made out of industrial-strength plastic, and can be reused more than 400 times before they need to be recycled.

Do you have other moving supplies?

We do! In addition to moving box rental, we also offer to move and packing supplies, including hand trucks, lifting straps and packing materials. Check out all of our moving supplies.

Do you serve my location?

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, most likely! We offer moving box rental to more than 75 cities in the Bay Area, from San Francisco all the way south to San Jose, and as far east as Concord. You can see a complete list of our coverage areas here: