Boxbee Boxes: Better moving boxes in San Francisco

Moving to a new city is never easy. However, even if you’re just moving from one neighborhood to another in San Francisco, it’s going to be a challenge. You’ll want to start early, schedule a moving truck as soon as possible and enlist the help of your friends. Even if you do all this, though, you could still miss one major benefit. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to Boxbee Moving for their reusable moving boxes in San Francisco to make their move as easy as possible.

High-Quality Moving Boxes

Like most people, you’re probably accustomed to using cardboard moving boxes whenever you’re switching up homes. These have been the most common choice in the past, but that doesn’t mean they were always ideal, there is a better way. These days, Boxbee has a far better solution for moving boxes in San Francisco. Our high-quality moving boxes are made from heavy-duty industrial plastic. You can put them through all kinds of abuse and they’ll maintain their form while keeping your things inside nice and safe. Unlike cardboard, something as simple as a little moisture will never compromise these moving boxes. There is no construction involved with these boxes either. They come ready for packing. If you need them out of the way—either during or after your move to San Francisco—these boxes are able to fit inside one another, so they won’t need much space.

Pickup and Delivery Services

Aside from our incredible boxes, another reason people love using Boxbee for their moving boxes in San Francisco is that we drop off and pick them up. Just let us know where and when you want them and we’ll be there. Then just tell us when we should come to pick them up. When you use cardboard, you need to break them down and find a place to recycle them. While there are many locations in San Francisco to do so, it’s just one more thing to do after a long move. If your boxes have been damaged in any way, some recycling centers won’t take them either. Furthermore, our delivery service is 100% free. When you see how affordable our boxes are to begin with, you’ll realize why so many people have been grateful Boxbee could help their budget.


Speaking of recycling, everyone is trying to do their part these days. You may be comfortable using cardboard because you know it’s recyclable, though, as we just covered, that’s not always the case. Even the cardboard that does get recycled won’t all make it back to the market. You can feel good about using our boxes, though. As rentals, you’ll know that they’ll be back out in the field helping another homeowner make their move to San Francisco, without a single piece of it going to waste.

We Have Plenty of Supplies

On top of your moving boxes in San Francisco, we also pride ourselves on carrying just about every other supply you’ll need for your move. Need a moving dolly or hand truck? We’ve got you covered! Both of these make it easy to stack a number of our boxes so you can move more at once. Those hand trucks will also hold up to 500 pounds. We know that our amazing boxes can’t do the job all by themselves though. For large pieces of furniture and TVs, you’ll have to move them by hand. Boxbee can make this fairly easy, though, with our lifting straps. Not only will they engage more of your muscles, allowing you to move more weight than you otherwise could, they help protect your back too. While you have plenty to think about in anticipation of your move to San Francisco, Boxbee should be right at the top of that list. To get your moving boxes in San Francisco, call us today at (415) 347-3160 and let’s talk about how we can help.