San Francisco Moving Boxes Delivered to You

Moving within San Francisco? Order your San Francisco moving boxes and moving supplies online and receive free next-day delivery.

At Boxbee, we rent durable plastic moving boxes that will save you time, money, and hassle on your home or office move. When you rent moving boxes, you eliminate the cardboard mess, and because you’re renting, you save money. You also get the added convenience of free delivery and pickup of your moving supplies, plus the benefit of helping the environment by using green moving boxes. So if you need moving boxes in San Francisco, or anywhere else in the Bay Area, give us a call at 415-347-3160 or order online and save time, money, and hassle with your next move. The benefits:

Save Time Packing

Our boxes come pre-assembled, nesting when they’re empty and stacking when full. Unlike cardboard boxes, there is no tape required, and the boxes have integrated lids that make packing and stacking your boxes quick. As soon as we drop everything off, you can start packing right away. Simply load your boxes, close the lid, and stack them on the included rolling dolly to easily move everything to the moving truck. The best part is when you’re done moving, there is no recycling mess to contend with. Simply stack your empty boxes, give us a call or email, and we’ll pick everything up when it’s convenient for you.

Save Time Shopping

We know your time is valuable, and our goal is to make your moving experience a little more bearable. To help, we have a convenient online checkout process that makes selecting your moving package painless, saving you time and hassle. No more guesswork of how many boxes to buy, we’ve simplified the process with convenient moving packages based on the square footage or number of bedrooms of your home, which makes determining the number of boxes you’ll need a snap. You select the package that’s right for you, add any additional supplies you may need, and we’ll get everything delivered promptly to your door. No more driving around town trying to find your boxes at the home centers or in parking lots. No more multiple trips to get everything you need. No more questionably clean used boxes. We have everything you’ll need, including packing supplies like packing paper and bubble wrap, at competitive prices and free doorstep delivery.

Save the Environment

With the average household using 60 cardboard boxes to move, in 2014 San Francisco alone used 2.6 million cardboard boxes for moves. Boxbee boxes are made from recyclable plastic and can be reused more than 400 times.

Protect Your Valuables

Cardboard has a number of inherent problems. It’s prone to water damage, your items can be crushed, and your valuables can easily be stolen. Plastic moving boxes minimize all of these problems:
  • – Waterproof – no more worries about shampoo leaks, or salad dressing spills damaging numerous cardboard boxes. Our boxes are waterproof, protecting your important items.
  • -Durable – We’ve tested our boxes to more than 250 pounds. No more concerns about heavy items falling and crushing your belongings.
  • -Secure – each box can be secured with a lock or a cable tie so you’ll have confidence that none of your valuables will be stolen during your move

Save Money

Not only can you save time, hassle, and the environment using our rented boxes, but you can also save money. We’re up to 40% cheaper than using cardboard boxes. Plus, we will even pay the tax on all your rented items!