Moving to San Francisco – Necessary Supplies

Moving to San Francisco is definitely an event to look forward to. While the rent here is high, there’s a reason for it: people absolutely love this city and the surrounding area. Even if you’re just leaving one neighborhood to move to another, in San Francisco, that’s the same as changing cities entirely. To make your move easier, be sure you have the following supplies before you start.

Moving Totes

That’s right, you need moving totes, not boxes. In the past, moving boxes made from cardboard were the most common choice. They may still seem like the only choice. Moving totes from Boxbee, though, are now the best option.  Check their moving boxes services in San Francisco. For one thing, you can call up and rent them, instead of having to drive all over town to find enough cardboard boxes or paying an exorbitant price, despite the fact that you’ll only be using them once. Totes aren’t just more affordable, they’re more convenient. That’s because these moving totes get dropped off at your current home and then picked up at your new one. After a long move to San Francisco, it’s nice to not have to think about where all that cardboard is going to go. Lastly, these moving totes are made from high-quality plastic. This ensures that all of your items end up at your new home in one piece. With cardboard, if something even spills on the box, your valuables could be ruined. Of course, this also means that our boxes are better for the environment too. Being both plastic and rentals, we can use them over and over again.

Packing Supplies

Don’t forget to look at your own belongings for packing materials. Anything from a quilt to a sweatshirt to a pillow can be used to help fill in space so nothing moves around once you’ve packed them in your moving totes. However, more than likely, you’ll need a little extra help which is where other supplies like packing paper and bubble wrap come in handy. The nice thing about these two materials is that they’re so affordable, you can splurge on their use, making certain that your valuables are good and safe for their ride to San Francisco. Looking for something that’s more environmentally friendly? Geami packing wrap will do the trick and, because it’s 100% recyclable, it won’t add to your carbon footprint.

Moving Dollies and Hand Trucks

There’s only so much you can carry on your own. Keeping yourself safe from injury, though, could also mean having to take countless trips from your moving truck or vehicle into your new home. Save yourself the effort by using moving dollies and/or hand trucks. Those totes we mentioned earlier are made to stack one on top of the other. This makes them easy to put on a rolling moving dolly for moving around without breaking a sweat. It’s an especially great option for those who have longer driveways or one of the many homes in San Francisco that are on a slope. Of course, if you need to go up steps, you’ll be grateful for a hand truck. Stack 500 pounds worth of your belongings on them and stairs won’t be much of a problem (though keep in mind, we’re still talking about 500 pounds).

Lifting Straps

Lastly, for items that are too big for a box and too heavy to lift, get a pair of lifting straps for the job. You and a partner will be surprised how much you can carry when you utilize these simple, yet effective tools. Moving to San Francisco should be something you look forward to. With the above materials—all of which we have at Boxbee—we can make it as pain-free as possible.