Easy Tricks for Moving to San Jose

Moving to San Jose? If so, you’ll have a number of things to look forward to in terms of nightlife, cozy neighborhoods, startup culture and amazing dining options. Before you can start taking advantage of these features on a daily basis, though, you need to get through the actual move. This can be easier said than done, but the following little-known tricks should help.

Use Moving Totes

More and more, people are getting rid of the headache that comes with using cardboard boxes and instead utilizing moving totes. Finding enough cardboard boxes is usually either a time-consuming chore or expensive. Using moving totes means calling Boxbee and scheduling their free pickup and delivery service. That’s it. These moving totes are made from high-quality plastic too, which means they are far more durable than cardboard. You won’t have to worry about moisture or common wear-and-tear affecting your property. Furthermore, their moving totes stack easily. This makes it easy to move around a few at the same time by putting them on top of moving dollies or hand trucks (both of which Boxbee can supply as well).

Use Paper Plates to Protect Your Plates

Moving plates is always difficult. If you just place one on top of the other, there’s a good chance at least one will show up in San Jose with a crack. Fortunately, paper plates are cheap and fit perfectly as dividers. Stack your plates with paper ones between each of them and then put one on the top and bottom. Use tape to secure the arrangement and you won’t have to worry about cracks and chips.

Paper Bags Instead of Newspaper

Many people reach for the newspaper when it’s time to pack other fragile items like glass cups. Just like with cardboard, though, there’s a better way. Use paper bags instead. Not only will they keep your things nice and safe, they also don’t have any ink to bleed out on your items.

Pack Glassware with a Wine Case

It’s worth celebrating that new place of yours in San Jose. Get some wine and champagne and you’ll have a helpful wine case to use for your move. While you’re at the store, ask for a few more. Now, when you need to pack any kind of glass bottle, you have a convenient, protective box to use.

Easily Pack Your Jewelry

Speaking of fragile items, packing jewelry can be a pain. Consolidating necklaces all in a small space makes it easy for them to get knotted and even damaged. Disconnect them all and then run them through an empty toilet paper roll before reconnecting them. For smaller items like earrings and rings, use an empty egg carton. It couldn’t be easier to keep these important pieces safe!

Use Your Drawers

For the most part, packing drawers is easy. You can just keep them as is—with all your things left inside—and just throw plastic wrap around them. In fact, you may find that many of your smaller items can fit inside drawers with extra space. Just keep a list of which items are in which drawers. Everything else can go in your moving totes.

Pack a Box for the First Night

The last thing you want to do is get all your things to San Jose and then start the unpacking process. That’s exactly what you’ll have to do, though, if you don’t know where your necessities are that first night. Pack one box specifically for things like toiletries, snacks, a change of clothes and anything else you’ll need right away and then keep it in the car with you so you know exactly where it is. While you may never look forward to a move, at least if you use the above tricks, yours will be that much easier. It will also make for a quicker move which means more time enjoying San Jose. Sources: