Four Reasons to Use Moving Totes for Your San Francisco Move

Finding the right home in San Francisco is much easier once you track down the perfect neighborhood for your personality. When you have both, though, it can be tough waiting for the big day to finally arrive. Fortunately, there will be plenty to keep you occupied before your move. One thing you have to do is get all the supplies you’ll need. Here are five reasons you should add moving totes to the list and forget about cardboard boxes.

Your Items Will Show up in One Piece

After a move, unpacking is usually an exercise in handling anxiety. You open one box after the next worried that each will be the one where you find broken china, a piece of jewelry that’s ruined or a picture frame that has cracked. In all fairness, cardboard wasn’t made to be the most protective of materials. It’s great if you’re transporting cans of paint or frozen food. When it’s something valuable, though, these boxes usually fall short. Moving totes are not made from cardboard. Instead, they’re made with high-quality plastic that will brush off any wear and tear your move to San Francisco has to offer.

You Don’t Have to Shop Around

One benefit a lot of people see with using cardboard boxes for their move is saving money. However, if you want free cardboard boxes, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Start tracking them down long before your move. First, you’ll have to call local businesses and be sure that they have cardboard boxes with covers that will actually shut. Then, of course, you’ll need to spend a day running around to grab them all, as more than one trip will most likely be necessary. If you don’t want to do all that work, just rent moving totes. They get dropped off at your house and then picked up when you’re done.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot of Money

Unless you want to scour your city to collect enough boxes for your move, going with cardboard will actually cost you more than using moving totes. Most people are shocked to hear just how much a handful of cardboard boxes can cost from a moving company or some other business. When you consider that these expensive boxes could also be the reason you have to replace belongings after your move, it’s far cheaper to rent plastic moving totes instead. Also, remember that they get dropped off and picked up for you. That means you’ll save money on gas and lots of time too. < p>

Mother Nature Will Thank You

Like many products, cardboard is never completely recycled. Each time you recycle it, then, some portion permanently becomes garbage. That’s only if the recycling center will actually take it though. If your move got any of your cardboard boxes wet, for example, they may not be able to be recycled. Renting totes for your move means that as soon as you’re done with them, someone else will be using them for theirs. This process repeats itself over and over, saving the environment from further harvesting to make cardboard boxes. When you appreciate just how durable these totes are, it becomes clear that they’ll be in circulation for years to come. San Francisco is seen as a bastion of green living. If you want to start things off on the right foot, show up to your new neighborhood with a moving truck of totes and neighbors will know you’re environmentally conscious. If you have a move to San Francisco coming up, give Boxbee a call at (844)-626-9233. We don’t just rent out moving totes, we also supply everything else you’ll need to make your move successful and pain-free.