Oakland Moving Permit: Oakland Movers Guide to Applying

If you’re planning a home or office move in Oakland, California, then you’ll likely need an Oakland moving permit to park the moving truck (the city of Oakland also calls the permit an Oakland obstruction permit). With the moving parking permit, it will allow you to put up no parking signs in designated parking spaces in front of your house, allowing your Oakland movers plenty of space to park. Most Oakland moving companies put the responsibility of obtaining the moving permit on the mover, so plan ahead to ensure you have plenty of time to obtain your Oakland moving permit. Unfortunately, the city of Oakland doesn’t make it easy to get information on how to obtain your Oakland moving permit, so we’ve outlined the steps below. Shameless Plug: if you’re preparing for a San Francisco Bay Area move, check out our rented moving boxes that we deliver to your doorstep. Complete rental packages start at just $79, and if you’re using a moving company it will save you a lot of money not having to pay for overpriced boxes from the moving company, or the labor to assemble everything, see our packages here: Moving Boxes Rental Prices.

Key things to remember when applying for your Oakland moving permit:

Plan Ahead – Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You need to post the no parking signs that you receive as part of the Oakland moving permit at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to your start date if you’re moving in a residential area.

Confirm The Number of Permits Needed – You may need TWO Oakland moving permits if you’re moving to and from an Oakland address. If you’re moving to San Francisco, check out our San Francisco moving permit guide.

Sign Installation and Removal – The responsibility of putting up the signs is on you, and you may only block the frontage of the parcel you are moving from or to. You are also responsible for taking down the signs after you’ve moved.

How to apply for your Oakland moving permit

To apply for your Oakland moving permit, you need to visit the Oakland Permit Center in person at 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 2nd Floor, Oakland, CA 94612-2031. The permit center is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, and Wednesday from 9:30 am to 4 pm (on the last Wednesday of each month they open at 10 am). You can find the website here: Oakland Moving Permit Center When applying for your Oakland moving permit, these are the things you’ll need to bring with you:

Your Address – You will need to provide an address for your move. This will be used to request a no parking zone as close as possible to your house. Most San Francisco moving companies will charge a “long carry” fee if the back of the truck is more than 75 feet from your front door.

The Day(s) – Your requested No Parking Enforcement Day(s)

The Type of Spaces – Are the requested parking spaces metered or non-metered? If metered, you’ll need the meter number(s)

Length/Number of Spaces – The length or number of parking spaces required, one parking space is typically 25 feet long. (TIP: Ask your mover here, most Oakland movers use trucks that are 30′ or longer)

Contact Info – Contact phone number for the person applying for the Oakland moving permit

Oakland moving permit fees

The cost of an Oakland moving permit varies based on the number of parking spaces needed, and whether the parking spaces are metered or not. Each parking space is typically 25 feet long and most Oakland movers use large box trucks that are 30’ or longer, plus you need to account for the length of the loading ramp, so figure you’ll need at least 2-3 spaces, but your mover can confirm. Oakland moving permits can be paid for in cash, checks (made payable to the City of Oakland), or with most major credit cards. Some Oakland moving permit fee examples:

• One non-metered spot for one day is $101.

• Two metered spots for two days is $240.

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