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Boxbee Makes for an Easy Oakland Move

Even when you’re moving somewhere great like Oakland, the process of leaving one home and getting situated in another is always a struggle. However, at least when you use Boxbee, you’ll have all the equipment you need without all the hassle. The sooner you move into your new home in Oakland, the happier you’ll be!

Moving Crate Rentals

Although we offer a number of products at Boxbee, the one we’ve become known for is our moving crates. Usually, people have to put up with the difficulty of using cardboard boxes for their moves. This means putting up with the following:

  • – Finding enough of them for free or spending money purchasing boxes you’ll only use once.
  • – Worrying about the items inside as cardboard isn’t known for its durability.
  • – Carrying one at a time.
  • – Figuring out how you’ll dispose of them when the move is over and dealing with the clutter until you do.
  • With our moving crates, none of these problems apply. Not only can you save up to 40% on using our crates for your move to Oakland, but we’ll actually bring them right to your doorstep and offer next-day delivery. Then, we come pick them up when the move is over. All of this is 100% free too! As our moving crates are made from heavy-duty plastic, you never have to think twice about packing your possessions inside. While we recommend using blankets or clothing to pad your breakable items, you can rest assured that none of the typical wear and tear associated with a move is going to damage your property when they’re in our moving crates. Carrying one cardboard box at a time is a real inconvenience. Not only do our moving crates stack nicely on top of one another, but thanks to the moving dollies and hand trucks you can rent from us, transporting multiple boxes at once is no problem. Like we mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about disposing of these crates because we’ll come get them from you. On top of that, when they’re empty, each one fits perfectly into the other, so they won’t take up unnecessary space.

    No Recycling Necessary

    When you’re done with a cardboard box, you may be tempted to just throw it away. Many of them may be too damaged from the move to use anyway. Taking them to the recycling center can be a real chore too, especially after you just got done with moving to Oakland. One thing people love about our moving crates is that they’re 100% recyclable. That’s because, as rentals, they get used over and over and over again. Even if you were to recycle your cardboard boxes, only so much of it would ever get put back into use.

    All Our Other Products

    The rolling moving dollies and hand trucks we have to offer are just two of the other ways we make your move to Oakland easier. We also have packing paper and bubble wrap to help secure your items so they don’t move around while in transit. For those who really want to do their part for the environment, check out our Geami packing wrap, which is 100% recyclable. When it comes to heavy objects you think are too big to move on your own, we have lifting straps. You and one other person can not only utilize your legs to lift larger items, but you’ll also be watching out for your back at the same time. Considering our hand trucks can hold up to 500 pounds, there’s practically nothing you can’t move on your own. Call Boxbee today at (844) 626-9233 and let’s talk about how we can make your move to Oakland easier.