How to Save on Oakland Rentals

One of the reasons Oakland rentals have become so popular in the past decade is because San Francisco is simply running out of space. The homes that are left open for rent are just too expensive for most people to stomach. Fortunately, Oakland is just six miles away and about 30 square miles larger. However, Oakland rent is still hefty enough that you should think long and hard about how you’ll be able to afford it. Perhaps some of the following tips can help.

Sell Your Car

In your previous hometown, you may have absolutely depended on your car. This is common, of course, especially for those who live in suburbs. Living in Oakland, though, means you’re surrounded by public transportation, even if you don’t live near the downtown area (Ridgemont, for example, is great for this). To be fair, though, living downtown is definitely the best way to enjoy a short walk to the BART station, bus stop, etc. Though selling your car will definitely be a dramatic step, it will also give you some spare cash to help with Oakland rent. Just do your research and make sure you find an apartment nearby public transportation before you sell and you should be fine.

Shop Around

It’s important you familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods of Oakland before you move into an apartment. With over 50 to choose from, you can find one that fits your personality perfectly. You could also end up with the exact opposite of what you wanted. Researching neighborhoods helps with Oakland rent too. For one thing, if you know half-a-dozen will provide you with the kind of nightlife you want, you can now shop around for the cheapest rent amongst them. Along the same lines, if you find ones that will give you plenty to do outside of your apartment, you probably won’t mind spending your max amount, despite not receiving a ton of space in return.

Consider a Longer Lease

Most leases for an apartment are either six or 12 months long. Signing for only six months will cost you more too. Likewise, signing a lease for more than 12 months should always mean paying less in Oakland rent as well. If you know you’ll be in the area for a while and you’re positive about the neighborhood you’ve chosen, signing a longer lease is a no-brainer for bringing your costs down.

Find a Roommate

As we touched on earlier, many people have left San Francisco for Oakland because the former has just become too pricey. That should make it relatively easy for you to find a roommate who is looking for a chance to save money as well. Obviously, you don’t want to rush into the decision of whom to live with, but again, you’ll have a large number of options.

Get a Second Job

No one wants to add more hours to their workweek if they can help it, but this is undoubtedly a reliable way to help pay for Oakland rent. The nice thing about living in this city, too, is that you’ll have a number of options for finding an extra income. First of all, the service industry is huge here, which might not mean a huge base salary, but tips could prove quite profitable. Secondly, there are countless theaters, museums, art galleries and other creative outlets that need to be staffed all week long, but don’t require a high degree of skill. On top of these two features, if you’re new to Oakland, a second job can help you make friends quickly. Don’t let Oakland rent intimidate you out of living in such a great city. Instead, leverage the above tips to make paying it easier.