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Top On-Demand Services in San Francisco: From Moving Boxes to Massage Therapy

Love or hate the tech boom, it’s certainly made life a bit easier with an onslaught of on-demand services in San Francisco. Want to send your girlfriend flowers? There’s an app for that. Want to rent your neighbor’s car? There’s an app for that, too. Whether you’re looking to get a massage or to rent moving boxes in SF, there’s an on-demand service in San Francisco for just about anything. Here are some of our top picks for a San Francisco resident’s various needs:

Getting Around in San Francisco: On-Demand Transportation

It’s no secret that on-demand transportation services like Lyft and Uber have given taxi cab companies a run for their money. No more having to stand in the rain hailing a cab when you can just push a button on your phone. But did you know that there are on-demand car rental services, too? In addition to services like Zipcar, there are now on-demand car rental services like Getaround that let you take your neighbor’s car for a ride. It’s the perfect solution if you want to take a short day trip or are moving boxes in SF or if you simply want to drive around the city and take in the views.

Taking Care of Yourself: On-Demand Health and Wellness Services

On-demand services in San Francisco have extended to our most important need: quality health care. Let’s face it, when we’re sick, the last thing we want to do is trek over to the hospital or clinic. No, instead we want to be at home in bed with the covers up over our heads. The new on-demand service Doctor On Demand allows you to have an appointment with a doctor from the comfort of your own home. The video visits can be made with both doctors and psychologists so you can take care of your physical health and mental health, too. If you’re looking for some self-care that’s a little less serious, companies like Soothe (formerly Unwind) will send a massage therapist right to your home. These on-demand health services in San Francisco will turn your home into your own personal wellness clinic. When you’re a moving company like Boxbee, you could certainly use a massage after moving boxes in SF all day. We like the sound of that!

Eating and Dining: On-Demand Food Services

What do you do when you want to stay in and order takeout from your favorite restaurant but they don’t deliver? In the past, you’d have to choose another restaurant or go out to dine, but with the rise of on-demand restaurant delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash, almost every restaurant in San Francisco now has a delivery option. Services like Munchery offer tailored options from high-end chefs, and if you want food delivered but enjoy cooking, there are on-demand services like Hello Fresh and Plated that deliver all the ingredients for scrumptious cooking right to your door. You just have to mix, cook, and serve!

Relocating: On-Demand Moving Services in San Francisco

Whether you are just moving to the city or you’re moving from an old apartment to a new one, there are a variety of on-demand moving services in San Francisco to help you with all aspects of the moving process. For general handyman needs, TaskRabbit lets you hire locals for help around the home, with moving boxes, and a variety of other chores. There is also an abundance of moving companies for hire and you can even rent everything from tools to moving boxes. With an on-demand moving box rental service like Boxbee, you can have moving boxes delivered and then picked up from your new location when the moving process is complete. Say goodbye to hunting down cardboard moving boxes in San Francisco! On-demand moving box rental is where it’s at. There really are too many on-demand services in San Francisco to count. But whatever your needs, you can guarantee that in this city that’s the heart of the tech boom, there will be an app or on-demand service for it. Got a move coming up or need to move some stuff? Check out Boxbee on-demand moving box rental options.