Female holding a large cardboard moving box

Pack a Moving Box Like a Pro in 5 Easy Steps

There’s no way around it, moving is stressful. So while it may be tempting to just throw all your stuff into some moving boxes and worry about sorting out the mess later, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of time, money, and stress if you learn how to pack a moving box like a pro. Don’t worry, it’s easy—you can master packing a moving box like a pro in just five easy steps.

But First, Some Pro Tips

Before we get started, here are a few pro tips for packing a moving box:

  • Use the right size box. Heavy items should go in smaller boxes and lighter items like clothing and linen should be packed in larger boxes.
  • Fill the box. A good tip is to use socks to fill in any gaps between items. They work well as padding and are easy items to put away when you’re unpacking since they all end up in the sock drawer.
  • Bundle breakables. Wrap bowls and place smaller bowls inside larger ones. Do the same for plates and mugs. Keeping breakables protected with bubble wrap and bundled together will ensure your fragile items survive the move in one piece.
  • Line boxes. Use towels to line the bottom of each box for extra padding.

Ready to move onto our failure-free pro packing system?

Step One: Gather Your Tools

If you’re moving, chances are your house is a bit disorganized. Having all your moving tools on hand and in one place will prevent you from having to search for them while packing—or worse, accidentally packing them in a box. Put a notebook, pen, pencil, marker, tape, tape dispenser, labels, scissors, and sharp knives on a tray for easy access. It’s handy to have your bubble wrap close by and in one place, too!

Step Two: Heavy Items First

Even sturdy items can get crushed if layers of heavier stuff are weighing on them during a move. To pack a moving box like a pro, bubble wrap your heavy items and place them tightly in the bottom of the moving box. Once your heavy items are in the moving box, you can move on to packing the lighter items.

Step Three: Time for the Lightweights

It’s a good idea to place a foam divider or a layer of bubble wrap between the heavy items and the lighter items. Wrap the lighter items in bubble wrap and add to your box. Fill in any gaps with socks or bubble wrap. Fragile items like dishes can be wrapped in both bubble wrap and towels for a little extra padding. To keep similar items together, use kitchen towels for kitchen stuff and bath towels for bedroom and bathroom items.

Step Four: Wrap Up Loose Ends

If you have loose ends such as electrical cords and video game controllers, be sure to wrap the cords and secure them with an elastic. Loose ends can easily become entangled and untying knots is probably not on your priority list. Since these items are light, they can go in as the last items in your moving box. Remember to keep items from the same room together for easy unpacking.

Step Five: Label and Finish!

Part of packing a moving box like a pro is labeling a moving box like a pro. Use a thick, black marker and mark your labels with the appropriate information. You’ll want to include the room the box contents belong in and also any special notes such as “fragile,” “this side up,” or “holiday decorations.”

There you have it. In just five easy steps you learned how to pack a moving box like a pro. Remember, not one box fits all, which is why Boxbee offers a variety of sizes. Boxbee even offers specialty moving boxes, such as a wardrobe box that allows you to hang your clothing inside the box. It’s just one of the ways Boxbee can make your moving process easier!

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