Where to Recycle Cardboard Boxes in Oakland

If you’ve decided to make your home in Oakland, you probably know you have a lot of work to do before your move is finished, and you’re probably hunting for where to recycle cardboard boxes in Oakland. While there are things like changing your address and scheduling your cable installation to be done, the biggest task will be the physical transfer of your property from one home to the other. To do this successfully, you’re going to need moving boxes in Oakland. Should you go with the cardboard kind, it’s also a good idea to know where you can recycle them as well; otherwise they’ll just be put to waste.

Recycling Centers in Oakland for Cardboard

Not all recycling centers in Oakland are going to be able to handle your cardboard, so you need to know which facilities will be right for you. Here are businesses in the Oakland area that can help: Keep in mind that you should call ahead before trying to recycle your moving boxes at these Oakland facilities. Their prices and services will vary and it might be worth driving a bit farther to get to one over the other.

Tips for Recycling Your Cardboard Moving Boxes in Oakland

It’s also important to know that you can’t just drive up to one of these recycling facilities and drop off your cardboard boxes in any condition, expecting them to get processed without issue. Instead, you need to take some initial steps before taking your moving boxes to an Oakland recycling center. First, just be sure that your cardboard moving boxes are completely clean. Obviously, you don’t want to run the risk of one of your smaller possessions being left inside when you take them to get recycled. That being said, you also want to rid these boxes of things like plastic wrap, packing peanuts and other materials you may have used to help with the move. Most of these things will only interfere with your move. You also want to break down your moving boxes before taking them to a facility. For one thing, this will save space in your vehicle. However, this will also make it much easier for you to hand them over to the facility. Removing plastic wrap and tape will practically break them down, so just take things a step further and fold them up too. Lastly, you want to keep your cardboard boxes as dry as possible. While you can still recycle them when they’re wet, that extra water weight will make them harder to move around. They may also begin falling apart, adding to the challenge. If you’ve had them outside for a number of days, be sure to check for vermin, so you don’t accidentally allow them in your car.

Consider Renting Instead

Another option is to simply rent your moving boxes. In Oakland, there is Boxbee boxes, which offers moving boxes made from a durable form of plastic. Not only are they stronger than cardboard, they also won’t take any work to put together, saving you a lot of time—always a precious commodity when you’re moving. Lastly, you also won’t have to worry about recycling them. When your move is over, call Boxbee Boxes and they’ll come pick them up for free. Finding moving boxes in Oakland isn’t always easy, but hopefully the above will at least make recycling them much easier. Otherwise, you’ll almost certainly be hurting the environment. However, like we mentioned, don’t forget that you can rent a better type of moving box without having to worry about disposing of them later. Sources: