Rented Moving Totes: Why To Use Them

Whether you’re moving to San Francisco, San Jose or Oakland, you have plenty to look forward to with your new address. Of course, before you get all the benefits of living in this part of California, you first need to get there. While this will require a number of steps and equipment, one of the most important is getting rented moving totes for the job.

What Are Moving Totes?

Moving totes (also called moving crates) are the new best way to move your valuables. In the past, cardboard boxes were usually what people chose for the job. Unfortunately, they left a lot to be desired. Cardboard isn’t especially durable. In fact, if so much as water got on a cardboard box, your valuables inside could easily be damaged. Just the normal wear and tear that comes with a move could also compromise your cardboard boxes. With moving totes, though, those problems are completely eliminated. Boxbee, the premier provider of these boxes in the Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco area, also adds to these advantages.

Less Space

One great thing about the moving crates provided by Boxbee is that they’re all the same size and are designed to stack on top of one another. This makes it easy to pack up all your things without having to worry about too much space being taken up. Saving space is especially advantageous when you unpack your things. These moving boxes all fit perfectly into one another too. This way, while you’re unpacking, your crates can all share the same footprint off to the side. With Boxbee, stacking your crates becomes even more advantageous because they also provide rolling moving dollies and hand trucks. Both of these instruments can allow you to move several at the same time.

Environmentally Friendly

Everyone’s trying to do their part to conserve and be better to the environment. This is especially true in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. With cardboard boxes, you can only hope to recycle a fraction of the entire cardboard being used. Any boxes that become damaged may also be unable to go through the recycling process. This is just one more reason why cardboard boxes are less than ideal. On the other hand, the moving crates provided by Boxbee get reused over and over. You simply rent them, utilize them for your move, and then they come to pick them up. Rest assured that your totes will be used countless times, meaning Mother Nature isn’t damaged every time someone else moves.

Pickup and Delivery Is a Piece of Cake

While we’re on the topic, Boxbee will actually deliver your moving totes to your current address and then come pick them up from your new one whenever you want. Best of all, they do both these things for free. Compare this to the alternative. You either have to track down free cardboard boxes nearby or order them at an exorbitant price. If you do recycle them, you usually have to find a recycling center and drive to it. After a long move, getting back behind the wheel is probably the last thing on your mind.

Overall Durability

As we covered earlier, cardboard leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to durability. You won’t have to worry about this with high-quality plastic moving crates from Boxbee. No amount of moisture is going to corrupt plastic. Any amount of moving around that comes during your move won’t be a problem either. As long as your things are packed tightly inside, the outside world won’t be able to do much to them. During your move to Oakland, San Jose or San Francisco, start things off on the right foot by using moving totes for the job. They offer so much more than cardboard boxes, especially when you go with Boxbee.