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Top San Francisco Places to Visit With Kids

Moving to San Francisco comes with the promise of never being bored again. The city is packed full of fun things to do, from festivals to everyday options like cafes, museums and so much more project collaboration tools. If you’re looking for San Francisco places to visit with kids, you’ll be glad to know that The City by the Bay has plenty to offer them too. This can be especially helpful if your son or daughter isn’t excited about leaving their friends behind. Just let them know that their new hometown has lots waiting for them.

Frontierland Park

Every kid loves the playground. It’s also a great way for parents to get their children out for some fresh air in a way that guarantees exercise. Playgrounds are where your child may meet their new best friend as well. In San Francisco, Frontierland Park is known as one of the best options available. It sits in the shadow of the beautiful hills of Pacifica, meaning you can always take them for a fun hike too. With 10 picnic tables available and BBQ pits nearby, you can take your child for a day at the enormous Frontierland Park playground and have a picnic at some point too.

Golden Gate Park

Another amazing park is the Golden Gate Park. Along with their playground located at The Koret Children’s Quarter, there is also a merry-go-round, paddle boats to rent and take around Stowe Lake and the botanical gardens. With more than 1,000 acres on the premises, you’ll find all kinds of way to spend an afternoon with your child (the Academy of Sciences could easily take an entire day to explore).

Yerba Buena Garden

Everyone knows that downtown San Francisco is where it’s at. Whether you want an amazing meal or to take in a show, you’ll find it in the heart of the city. You can also visit Yerba Buena Garden. Not only does the park have an impressive playground, but it also features an actual ice skating rink. Add to that a museum and bowling alley and children of all age will look forward to a trip downtown.

San Francisco Zoo

Every child loves the zoo, but few can compare to the one in Fog City. This one has over 250 species on display, including a grizzly bear, snow leopard and even a Sumatran tiger. Of course, the most popular exhibit will probably always be the Gorilla Preserve. It’s one of the biggest of this type of habitat in the entire world. There is also 10 other species of monkeys, many of them rare, for your toddler to see up close. On top of all of this, the zoo features a six-acre petting zoo that every child will enjoy.

Musee Mecanique

Nothing your child has ever seen before will compare to Musee Mecanique. Enter this one-of-a-kind museum through the mouth of Laughing Sal and inside you’ll find a world sure to ignite your son or daughter’s imagination. The museum has become famous for housing one of the largest private collections of antique arcade games and mechanically operated musical instruments on the planet. You can also show your child the only steam-powered motorcycle in the world, amongst other things.

Hyde Street Pier

If your child develops a taste for history, Hyde Street Pier is a destination worth making time for. As a part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, you’ll find a large collection of ships from days gone past. Many of them can be even be boarded, including the Balclutha, a 250-foot long vessel from 1886. Moves can always be hard on children, but the above list should make things a little easier. Aside from those attractions, San Francisco has a number of others your child will look forward to returning to over and over. Sources: