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Tips for Reducing Clutter with On Demand Storage

Tips for Reducing Clutter with On Demand Storage and More

Clutter may seem like a looming task that will never be conquered, but with some creative thinking and savvy storage skills, anyone can organize their clutter in no time. Part of why tackling clutter seems daunting is due to some of the advice out there. Most of which recommends cutting back and getting rid of your belongings. This “diet” approach to dealing with clutter demands unrealistic goals and doesn’t even give you any cheat days. Who wants to commit to that? Wouldn’t it be nice to de-clutter even a small living space without having to get rid of a thing? With rents increasing all over the word, especially in big cities like the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, people are having to make due with smaller living spaces. When it comes to reducing clutter, let everyday be a cheat day by following these simple tips.

Use Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Using furniture that doubles as storage is one of the easiest ways to reduce clutter in your home. Furniture like ottoman storage cubes, tables with built-in drawers, and wall units with extra cupboard space will keep your belongings out of sight but not necessarily out of mind. If you’re moving into a new house or apartment, consider purchasing furniture that doubles as storage space. If you want to keep your existing furniture or don’t feel like swapping out your old pieces, you can still turn your furniture into storage space. For instance, storage cubes or baskets can fit under end tables and sliding drawers can be stored underneath beds. Every piece of furniture is simply a storage space just waiting to be explored.

Take Advantage of On-Demand Storage Services

If you really can’t find the storage space in your home for certain belongings, but you don’t want to let go of them either, using an on-demand storage or valet storage service is a convenient solution. With a service like Boxbee, pickup is free and acts as a valet service for your personal stuff. This type of on-demand storage clears out your clutter but gives you access to your belongings when you need them. You can even swap out items when you feel like changing things up. On-demand storage is also affordable— Boxbee offers you valet storage by the crate or small item, starting at just $6.25/box. With on-demand storage, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Get Creative with Shelves

Instead of your belongings taking up space in ugly heaps on your floor or crammed into awkward spaces, put them on display! Walls and ceilings are often untapped storage spaces that are hiding in plain sight. Shelves can hold just about anything if you use the right screws, even with minimal wall support. Most hardware store employees will be able to guide you in the right direction. You can also utilize racks to hang linens, towels, tapestries, and even clothes. Get creative with hooks, too, which can be secured to walls or ceilings. Hooks are great for displaying items, but also double as storage space. You can hang jewelry, plants, scarves, and more from hooks instead of letting them clutter your shelves and drawers, freeing up space for other things.

Optimize Your Kitchen

Kitchens tend to be one of the most cluttered rooms in a house. This is because kitchens are a hub of activity and also contain numerous items. If you can get your kitchen organized, de-cluttering the rest of your house will be a breeze. Some simple storage ideas include using a wall-mounted or magnetic spice rack, storing knives in drawers instead of in a knife block, and stacking dishes whenever possible. Lazy Susans (round shelves that turn) maximize cupboard space and are perfect for holding messy or sticky food items, as well as spices and bottles. Hooks and pegs can be mounted to doors and drawers for hanging items like towels, oven mitts, and aprons. With just a few of these tricks, your kitchen will be free of clutter in no time.

Discover Hidden Storage Space

There are untapped storage spaces in any home, just waiting to be found. Something as simple as storing socks in shoes can free up a whole drawer. For houses with stairs, utilizing under-the-stairs storage space can be a lifesaver. Just don’t try to fit your kid’s bedroom under there— this isn’t Harry Potter. Other hidden storage spaces include the bathtub (both inside the tub and on bathtub walls), landing spaces that can convert to storage with the addition of a trapdoor, and shelves that double as nightstands. Any empty space between furniture and walls can be fitted with shelves or narrow drawers that can easily slide in and out. Consider creating storage space behind the paintings and mirrors hanging on your walls, without anyone being the wiser. Still, need help with storage? Find Out How Boxbee Can Help with personal storage services in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego.