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San Francisco Gyms: Top Places to Workout

There are a million reasons you’ll love making San Francisco your new home. For one thing, most houses here are absolutely beautiful. Of course, going outside can prove to be just as lovely too. Then there are the people, the cultural sites, the eateries and possibly the best weather on the planet. However, a lot of people love living in San Francisco because it’s such an easy place to stay active. People here love keeping in shape, so no matter what you prefer to do, one of the following places should provide you with your favorite option for working out.

Buena Vista Park

If cardio is your drug of choice, Buena Vista Park is a great location for getting a sweat. This beautiful park is the oldest in San Francisco and is located in the historic Haight-Ashbury district. Here you’ll find plenty of hills that will reward you with gorgeous views. There are also some fairly steep steps you can climb and a number of paths that snake through the park.

TRX Training Center

TRX has become all the rage in fitness circles as of late, so of course, San Francisco already has its own facility dedicated specifically to this type of workout. For those who are late to the party, TRX involves two straps that hang from an apparatus overhead. It allows you to do all kinds of bodyweight exercises to strengthen your entire body and tighten your core. TRX Training Center offers 55-minute classes that are the height of efficiency where fitness is concerned. These coed classes are just $25, but space is limited.

The Panhandle

Another great place to do your cardio is at the Panhandle. It’s a skinny piece of land that is actually a part of the larger Golden Gate Park that can be found on Fell Street and Baker Street. This may be a more convenient location for those who don’t live near the Haight-Ashbury district. However, while it lacks the same feature as Buena Vista Park, that hasn’t stopped the Panhandle from being very popular with locals who love all kinds of fitness.

Laughing Lotus Yoga Center

Love yoga? A lot of people here in San Francisco do. It provides a great system for increasing strength, developing agility and taking on an overall sense of wellness. The Laughing Lotus Yoga Center has a number of locations all throughout the country, but this facility located in the Mission District definitely doesn’t seem like a chain. In fact, this yoga studio involves many of the more traditional practices related to this ancient art, meaning it won’t be all about stretching. Although you’ll definitely get a good workout in, expect that your session will involve a good amount of chanting too. If you are already a practitioner, don’t be surprised if Laughing Lotus Yoga Center becomes the only studio you’ll ever use again. Those who are new to yoga, though, will still find plenty to love.

Stow Lake

It doesn’t get much more picturesque than Stow Lake. Like the Panhandle, it’s a part of Golden Gate Park, but is so secluded and full of natural beauty that you’ll have an easy time forgetting that you’re in one of the most famous cities in the world. Stow Lake will give you plenty of ways to stay active too. You can rent a rowboat or pedal boat, do archery or play lawn bowling with your friends. Of course, you can also practice more conventional forms of fitness too. While San Francisco has plenty to offer its residents, all the ways to keep yourself active are definitely worth exploring. Start with the above list and you’ll soon have at least one more reason to love living here. Source: