Easy Tricks for Moving to San Francisco

Are you moving to San Francisco? With so many neighborhoods to choose from, just about everyone can find a place in San Francisco that fits their unique personality. No matter where you live, you’ll also have access to all kinds to great eateries, plenty of culture and beautiful views. It’s getting there that most people struggle with. Before your next move, then, utilize the following tricks and you’ll have a much easier time with the process.

Go with Plastic Moving Boxes

You have enough to do preparing for your move without having to track down enough cardboard boxes to pack all your things. Chances are you probably don’t want to add to your budget by just purchasing them from some company either (it’s not like you’ll be using a ton of cardboard boxes in the near future).

Fortunately, plastic moving boxes are an option these days. Go through Boxbee and not only will you have a far better option for keeping your things safe, but the company will actually deliver and pick them up for free.

With cardboard moving boxes, something as simple as moisture could lead to all your things becoming damaged. They may suffer from wear and tear during the move too, plus you have to find a place to recycle them when you’re done.

If you use plastic moving boxes from Boxbee though, you’ll be benefiting from high-quality material that keeps the outside world at bay. They fit inside of each other when empty too, so once you unpack them, they stay out of the way.

Use the Sticker System

Most people write on their cardboard boxes during a move. If you’re going with plastic moving boxes, though, just use stickers and have a key on hand so you know which color coincides with which room. You can even put multiple stickers on one if the box contains different items.

You Already Have Packing Supplies

Don’t spend a small fortune on packing supplies. You can save money by using Boxbee moving boxes and other items around the house. For example, your drawers can probably just be wrapped in plastic wrap and packed as is. If there’s extra space, throw other things in there and use the sticker system so you know what’s inside.

For packing padding, you probably have plenty of blankets, quilts, pillows and even clothes to fill in any gaps.

There’s also your luggage. It’s literally made for transportation, so there’s no point in leaving them empty. Once again, use stickers and you’ll know where each one goes.

Assess Your Groceries

About two weeks before your move, go through your kitchen and take stock of what you have. You’ll make life a lot easier on yourself if you then make plans to eat as much of it as possible before your move. This will also cut down on waste.

Go grocery shopping for any essentials you don’t have, but remember that you want an empty kitchen when it’s time to leave for San Francisco.

If you end up with items that you would rather not toss out, just use a cooler. This is also a good way to save on food during your move. Instead of having to stop along the way, you can have a number of healthy, affordable meals on hand.

Have One Box for the First Night

Keep one box of supplies for the first night. This might include things like medicine you take, contact solution, toiletries, cell phone chargers and anything else you don’t want to have to find right away.

Life in San Francisco is guaranteed to be worth any headache you go through during your move. Fortunately, the above tricks will also help make this move as easy as possible.