3 Types of Plastic Moving Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes (especially free moving boxes found secondhand) come with all sorts of risks that can affect your move. Cardboard moving boxes are not durable, waterproof, or sturdy. Which is why many people are making the switch to plastic moving boxes. There are plastic moving boxes suitable for all your moving needs. Whether you want to bundle your valuables, stack heavy items, or transport your fragile items with little to no risk of breakage, there’s a plastic moving box that will do the job.

Use Small Plastic Moving Boxes to Bundle Your Valuables

Plastic containers that are small enough to fit inside larger boxes are perfect for keeping items like jewelry, glass figurines, and candles bundled together. These plastic moving boxes can be packed tightly and insulated with tissue paper, clothes, or bubble wrap to prevent any of your fragile items from breaking. Once they’re packed, you can stack the small plastic movings boxes inside larger plastic moving boxes, for a streamlined, efficient move.

What they are

Small plastic moving boxes are really just plastic containers. Choose a container that is made with sturdy, thick plastic, and that has a secure lid.

Where to find them

You can find them in the home aisles of department and grocery stores or even in your own kitchen.

Plastic Moving Crates for Sturdy Items

Also known as grocery crates or milk crates, plastic moving crates are typically cube-shaped, lidless, and contain holes so that items can “breathe”. Plastic moving crates are handy for storing non-fragile items like books and clothes. If packed right, you can stack plastic moving crates on top of one another.

What they are

Made from thick, durable plastic, these moving crates are typically used by grocery stores for transporting food and similar goods.

Where to find them

Ask your local grocery store if they have plastic moving crates that they sell or give away for free. You can also order plastic moving crates online or purchase from home department stores if you want ones to keep after you’re finished moving.

Large Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

There are several types of large plastic moving boxes. Some are actually plastic storage bins, like the large totes, that can double as plastic moving boxes when it’s time to move. These are convenient if you want to later use them as storage bins, but if not, you’ll have to find a place for them in your new location or dispose of them. Rentable plastic moving boxes are the best option for safely moving your belongings. Made from durable plastic that doesn’t bend or crack, rentable plastic moving boxes will keep all of your items intact. They’re also waterproof, stackable, and easy to transport. And since they’re reusable, they’re also environmentally-friendly.

What they are

Large bins made from plastic. The best option is rentable plastic moving boxes, which are specifically designed for holding and transporting all types of items.

Where to find them

Large plastic totes can be found at home stores. Rentable plastic moving boxes can be found online. Boxbee offers several packages to suit any type of move. Check out sizes and options here for rentable plastic moving boxes. Moving in San Francisco, Bay Area, Los Angeles or San Diego? Contact Boxbee for a variety of moving essentials, such as moving supplies, rentable moving boxes, packing supplies, and more!