How to Mindfully Toss Your Stuff Before Valet Storage

Saying goodbye to things you don’t need anymore can be tough. As humans, it’s hard for us to let stuff go: tangible and intangible. We’ve all been there rummaging through a closet, asking ourselves, ‘Do I really need this?’ While you are the only one who truly knows the answer, there are a few tried and true tests that can help you reach the right conclusion. Before embarking on the journey of valet storage, it’s important to let go of the items that are cluttering your life.

1. Does This Make Me Happy?

One way to determine if an item is a keeper or not is to evaluate your emotional connection to it. If it’s a shirt, wear it out one day and see how you feel in it. If it’s a trinket, put it out in the house where you frequently see it. After a few days of bringing it back into your life, ask yourself if it’s made a positive impact. Is it something you value? If the answer isn’t a strong ‘yes,’ don’t be afraid to toss it in the ‘no’ pile.

2. How Will I Use This?

If you’re on the fence about some items, ask yourself the hard question: ‘How will I use this?’ Challenge yourself to come up with a concrete way in which you’ll use the item at hand. If you can’t genuinely think of a good answer within 30 seconds to one minute, you’ll probably want to toss it

3. ‘Fake’ Throw It Away

Still unsure about an item? Another good approach is to pretend as you’ve already tossed it. Hide it in a place where it’s unreachable for a few days. Imagine that it’s already been removed from your life. Do you miss it? Does your heartache when you think about it? If the answer is ‘no,’ then put it in the toss pile.

4. Make a ‘Must Keep’ List

It’s important to make a list of what simply can’t be thrown away. This should be pretty easy for you to make. Every item on that list should be paired with a concrete way in which it will be used. These are items that make you happy and serve a concrete purpose in your life.

5. Make Use of Procrastination

Once you’re ready to start making the hard decisions, a sustainable way to start cleaning out for valet storage is to leverage your procrastination time. Don’t want to do some late night work? Find a good spot in your home, turn on some good tunes, and start making your ‘keep’ and ‘toss’ piles for your valet storage adventure.